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Is Congress the B-Team of BJP In Delhi?

Yesterday Former Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit made a very controversial remark. She more than hinted at supporting AAP, in case there was yet another hung assembly after the upcoming Delhi assembly elections. This declaration would have come as a surprise to most since it was too early to make any such unnecessary comment.

Expectedly there were discussions on Twitter, and many people had labelled Congress ans the B Team of AAP. They began claiming that this support of Congress to AAP was a result of a deal being struck between AAP and Congress where AAP would overlook all the corruption of past Congress Governments in Delhi, in exchange for support to form the Government

Arvind Kejriwal, immediately took to Twitter to spin this in his favour and tweeted:

While most people feel this shows some sort of nexus between Congress and AAP, I have other views. If AAP and Congress did indeed have a quid pro quo, why would Congress come and declare its support to AAP even before the elections are announced? In fact in doing so, AAP is the loser in my view, because now it gets tagged with Congress and doubts are being raised on its intentions.

This is why I think this is in fact the handiwork of BJP, Amit Shah to be precise. Let me elaborate. All the central investigative agencies are under BJP. If BJP wishes, they can set all their bloodhounds on any political rival and make him or her bend in whichever direction. Hence I feel Amit Shah, has somehow “convinced” Sheila Dikshit to give this statement.

The motive? BJP benefits two-fold here. Firstly, Congress supporting AAP, immediately revives memories of the 49-day government led by AAP. Most people, even AAP supporters will probably be sad that in the end they had to side with Congress to get into power, which damaged their reputation greatly. Even the average voter of Delhi must remember all the drama that ensued while Congress was in support of AAP.

Secondly, today, Congress is a virtual non-entity in most states. It has been routed in all recent elections. Naturally BJP strategic team has realised that they are not an enemy anymore, but a tool. Congress attaches with it a deeply negative sentiment. And it passes it on to anyone who is seen close to it. BJP is trying to position AAP and Congress as partners, so that any negative baggage Congress has gets naturally passed on to AAP, thereby denting its electoral prospects.

While this is only me theory, One cannot rule this out due to two reasons: 1. Amit Shah has proved to be the best political strategist in India today. 2. Arvind Kejriwal is not foolish enough to repeat the same mistake twice, especially by declaring it way before the elections also.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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