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Kanhaiya’s “attacker” a “BJP office bearer”? Media and Kanhaiya lie again…

Yesterday Kanhaiya Kumar, made a sensationalist allegation that a co-passenger in his flight, whom he called a “strong BJP supporter” had attempted to “strangulate” him in the flight. We had reported how Kanhaiya’s version went against initial police reports on the issue, and also against normal logic.

After we posted the above article, Mumbai police confirmed that their investigation had revealed that Kanhaiya Kumar and his group’s version of the events was untrue:

In all the fracas, one issue raised by many was how did Kanhaiya Kumar ascertain that his “attacker” was a “strong BJP supporter”. In fact, later in the day, Kanhaiya went on to allege that this person Manas Deka, was a BJP office bearer:

Kanhaiya’s allegation (this tweet has now been deleted by Kanhaiya)

Following his cue, like good propaganda machines should, pro-AAP news blog Janta Ka Reporter too posted an article that claimed the same. This is the same blog which had spread the fake news of Aamir Khan adopting drought hit villages a few days back.

Now see the timing, Kanhaiya alleges at 5.13 PM, and within 35 minutes Janta Ka Reporter is ready with the report. Also note the language used; Janta Ka Reporter alleges on its own that Manas Deka is a “supplies office bearer”. Later it says, Kanhaiya too has made the same allegation. Hence, this is not a report based on Kanhaiya’s tweet, but where Kanhaiya’s tweet is presented as a “proof” to further “substantiate” what the pro-AAP news blog is claiming.

Janta Ka Reporter news report
Screengrab of the report published on the pro-AAP news blog Janta Ka Reporter

This same news, was then run by many small time portals and propaganda sites like and Milli Gazzete, which had earlier pushed the fake news about Ayush ministry not hiring Muslims as part of government policy.

So was the Manas Deka who allegedly attacked Kanahaiya really a BJP office bearer? Even in our report yesterday, which was published before Kanhaiya could make that allegation, we had introduced our readers to a “rarely” occurring phenomenon where 2 different people have the exact same name.

It doesn’t take much work to find out that the Manas Deka, who is on the BJP site as an office bearer is a completely different from the TCS employee Manas Deka, who is alleged to have assaulted Kanahaiya. It should strike anyone that a full-time employee of a private company, would face great difficulty in acting as a office bearer of a party too.

If one goes through the posts of BJP’s North East facebook page, one can see photos of this Manas Deka:

BJP's Manas Deka
BJP’s Manas Deka

Now have a look at the Kanhaiya “attacker” Manas Deka:

Man in light blue shirt is Manas Deka, who got in a scuffle with Kanhaiya in a Mumbai-Pune flight.

In fact, on the BJP official site, even the phone number of the BJP functionary Manas Deka has been given. All it takes is a small call to confirm whether he is the same. But Kanhaiya, Janta Ka Reporter and others would not do so, since they would be exposed. And the media is happy to listen to just one side.

This lie of Manas Deka being a BJP functionary was first started by an ordinary user on Twitter, who later deleted his tweet after realizing he was wrong:

Rumor mongering
How it started…

This was then put into circulation, with the Arvind Kejriwal-esque “Is it true?” style, by Supreme Court Advocate Sanjay Hegde, who appears on Times Now often attacking BJP. Foul mouthed journalist Swati Chaturvedi too jumped in, as did Marathi journalist Nikhil Wagle, both of whom circulated this as truth:

Tweet spreading a false claim
Deliberate rumour mongering?

And as this rumour kept on floating, it probably reached Kanhaiya Kumar or his handlers, who tried to use it as a saving grace since his allegations had been dismissed by the police. In fact, after Kanhaiya posted the above tweet, alleging a BJP connection, within a few minutes he posted the same link again, this time with a more evasive caption:

Kanhaiya's backtracking
Kanhaiya’s backtracking

And later, Kanhaiya altogether deleted the first tweet where he was firmer in his allegation that his attacker was a BJP office bearer. So was Kanhaiya made aware by someone that his first tweet, which is now deleted, was wrong? That the Manas Deka who “attacked” him, was in fact not a BJP member? Did he then draft a second tweet, which was less incriminating, since he can always walk away saying he was only “wondering”?

Furthermore, if Kanhaiya was right that a murderous assault on him had taken place, why did he refuse to undergo a medical test? Remember, in the case of him being assaulted by lawyers, medical tests were done and they corroborated the charges. So why shy away from tests now?

These are the questions most in the media are not asking, because Kanhaiya can’t lie saala…

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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