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He was earlier hand-picked by Aam Aadmi Party government for Delhi Dialogue Commission, but he soon turned against AAP.
Pro-AAP blog Janta Ka Reporter is using the oldest trick in the book to drive traffic on its website: porn
In a majority judgment, the Supreme Court refused to refer the Ram Janambhoomi case to a larger constitution bench.
Parody and reality just stop being different when it concerns AAP
Both get exposed, both don't delete their tweets
A criminal defamation case has also been filed by Tajinder Bagga against Jawaid.
Editor of AAP propaganda website abuses BJP spokesperson Tajinder Bagga
How to cook up a controversy from nowhere
Pro-AAP site JantaKaReporter today officially ended its love affair with Moody, and it spotted Moody cozying up to PM Modi. 
Individuals followed by the PM are the latest target of bullies
Is being accused of rape less important than being followed by the prime minister?
People belonging to political parties and media tried to spread caste tensions though misinformation.
The AAP leading propaganda news portal has violated a rule that attracts up to 6 months of imprisonment.
The journalist had put her papers, but a lie about the development was spread on social media.
Was Manohar Parrikar sleeping during the Republic day parade as claimed by the AAP supporting blog?
Annual Round Up of the biggest lies propagated by Indian media in the year 2016.
Suppression of free speech or fight against an impersonator?
Top lies spread by the mainstream media in the month of April 2016.
How a social media rumour becomes news for some news portals.
Did the national media take the entire country for a ride based on a WhatsApp message?
Police ruled out caste angle in a case which was promoted by media as Dalits vs Upper caste

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