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Vadra on Congress poster inspires this guy to come up with parody of ‘ambarsariya’ song

Nobody is quite sure what inspired the Congress party to put controversial businessman Robert Vadra on its posters in a rally that was led by party president Sonia Gandhi to “save democracy”. Robert Vadra is the son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi and is accused of reaping unfair benefits in land and business deals owing to his relationship status.

The party has been defending these charges against Vadra arguing that he was just a “private citizen” and not a member of the Congress party. But suddenly on Friday, they released a poster with Robert Vadra flanked by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

That is indeed an unprecedented move to put a private citizen along with the president and vice-president of the party. Usually that place is reserved for Priyanka Gandhi, wife of Robert Vadra, but daamaad was put in place of beti for some reason.

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Congress poster with Robert Vadra
The mysterious and “inspiring” poster

While the inspiration behind the poster is unknown, this move has inspired an ode to Robert Vadra in shape of parody version of the ambarsariya song from the Hindi movie Fukrey.

The ode has been written and sung by Ashish Dhar, who describes himself as a “cat in a rat race, refugee in own country, and allergic to political correctness” on his Twitter profile. The song exhorts Robert Vadra to take charge of the Congress party and “save democracy” because he’s the only hope left for Congress.

“As the fascist Modi and his gang of communal thugs like Subramanian Swamy threaten to destroy the idea of India, its democratic fabric, its secular texture and its tolerant hue, the Congress party, with the exception of the first family, is busy discussing, among other things, Rajiv Shukla’s gas problems. There is only one man who can save the day for secular forces. This song is for him.” Ashish says, presenting his ode to Robert Vadra.

Hear it here:

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