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While ruling India, Akbar introduced Indians to education, to cooking, to architecture, but also unfortunately to Holi.
Seems like the police station has perfected the art of finding stolen phones.
How the commies will paint the country red!
Yet another person realizes that he must speak up, or Modi will bring down the whole world. Read for world peace.
Rahul Gandhi goofs up in a speech, yet again.
Some corporators are reported to be urging BMC to sue RJ Malishka for a parody song on the corporation.
The YouTube channel of a popular parody group is getting banned for mocking AAP. Meet the founders.
This is an article from the future. What the media might (love to) report tomorrow.
She did this at an election rally. See to believe.
Priyanka Gandhi proves she is no better than Pappu
The unreadable piece contained the same old lazy South Indian references frequently used to mock the region.
A liberal of New Delhi explains what normal people with normal brains could not understand.
PM was taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi’s earthquake comment, but the journalist twisted it to make it about science.
Making a point via cartoons
Speaking at a launch of book Unreal Aliens, Swamy trained his guns at Gandhis and Arun Jaitley.
People on Twitter played a game, and journalist Vir Sanghvi obliged.
Parody of the song from Hindi movie Fukrey, which has been written as an ode to Robert Vadra.
A Twitter user @KyaUkhaadLega has replied to tweets by journalist Rajdeep Sardesai many times, and the replies are absolutely hilarious.
In the millions of "Bhakts" of BJP, we find that one lone warrior who has been with the Congress through the ups and downs of Politics: @Gsurya
Everyone is loving it, I too loved it, but AIB Knockout had moments that made me uncomfortable.
A simple solution to stop stereotyping when news reports are not as politically correct as you would like.

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