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Prashant Bhushan now accuses Supreme Court of being scared of big corporates

Prashant Bhushan isn’t the happiest of man these days after losing the case wherein he alleged Narendra Modi took bribes from Sahara and Birla. He famously reacted to the judgement by calling it a setback to anti-corruption movement and also a ‘Black Mark’ on the Supreme Court’s record.

Now taking it a step further he has made a controversial claim that Supreme Court had reached this judgement because it was scared that the power brokers might land in jail due to its judgement. His exact words were:

Judges who were dealing with this case did not feel emboldened enough to order an investigation against the high and mighty.

Often, the hands of the SC tremble when there is a situation when the judgement is going to determine the fate of high and mighty and may lead to a situation where some of them may land up in jail.

These are very serious allegations wherein he questions the possible lack of independence of the judiciary and the lack of empowerment of the Judges to take on the ‘high and mighty’.

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Bhushan later somewhat became defensive after maybe the implications of his statements dawned at him.

Here he says that SC getting scared of the ‘big fish’ isn’t always true, as evident in 2G, Coalgate but often do like in the case of Sahara and Birla. He incidentally refrains from stating other instances wherein the SC was allegedly bogged down by the mighty.

Another interesting aspect of this whole saga is the support Prashant Bhushan is getting from Arvind Kejriwal. You might have noticed that the tweet of Mr Bhushan targeting the Supreme Court was re-tweeted by Arvind Kejriwal who according to common logic wasn’t on friendly terms with Bhushan, as evident by the fact that he ensued Bhushan’s exit from the AAP.

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