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Has ‘feminism’ gone too far ? Misguided ‘feminist’ says dog sperm is enough to reproduce

The simple meaning of feminism is : ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes’. This is a necessity for progress of society and mankind. The basic goal of feminism has been twisted and misinterpreted by some sections of women who claim to be feminists.

Pseudo-feminist logic has been amusing people around the world.  Recently a video of a woman claiming that dog sperm can also be used to give birth has been throwing Twitter into splits of laughter.

The proceedings of the programme on Mahaa News, a regional news channel in South India, went on like this

Female speaker : I broke up with a guy and married another . Am I a playgirl?

Male speaker : No you are not called a playgirl.

Female speaker: Firstly, nobody has the right to label any girl or a boy. It is my choice to do anything. There is no gender here. Just because, you have something extra. I have something extra in my body. It is as simple as that. I have something more. I can give birth. you can’t.

Male speaker: I can give a software to you to give birth. I can give you the formula of a human being.

Female speaker: I was about to say. I don’t need your sperms, even dog sperms can be used to give birth to a human child. Did you know that ? Please read biology.

[ All female participants in the programme clap to this ]

Male speaker: Ok go marry a dog. Find a dog

Female speaker: You are a male chauvinistic dog.

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The world is waiting for the its next miracle. A baby born using a dog’s sperm.

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