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Srinagar Mayor hails Aurangzeb, prays for mercy and blessings after Devendra Fadnavis’ ‘kutta bhi nahi peshab karega’ speech for Mughal tyrant’s grave

Fadnavis had said that even a dog will not go to take a piss at the grave of Aurangzeb, the tyrant who was responsible for forced religious conversion and other atrocities on Hindus.

Maharashtra: Angry monkeys exact revenge by killing 250 dogs after a puppy kills a baby monkey

A troop of monkeys has been killing dogs in Beed after a pack of a few dogs killed one of the infant monkeys

Pakistani journalist goes on an anti-Hindu rant on BSF Raising Day celebration

Pakistani journalist Durdana Najam has often indulged in using offensive and abusive language while speaking about India, PM Modi and Hindus

Poopgate and Politics: Read this incredible story of how street dog Boji has been framed in a metro rail dog poop case in Turkey

A popular street dog named Boji was recently accused of defecating on the seat of a train in Istanbul in Turkey. Turns out, he was framed.

Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee likens BJP leader to a ‘dead dog’ after he dies from injuries inflicted by TMC goons: Details

BJP State President Sukanta Majumdar has lashed out at the West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee for her 'insensitive' comments.

Shocking video shows Kerala woman setting a dog and her seven puppies on fire

In Kerala, two women have allegedly set a mother dog and her litter of month old seven puppies on fire and the incident was caught on camera

‘Kutta gum ho gaya’, public announcements made, entire state machinery made to search for top official’s lost dog in Pakistan

As pet dog of Gujranwala’s Divisional Commissioner Zulfiqar Ahmed Ghuman went missing, entire state machinery was used to trace it

Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre to be shut down temporarily after 40 years after dog was tortured, abused and killed: Maneka Gandhi

Maneka Gandhi vowed to rebuild the animal shelter physically, create new infrastructure and ensure adequate staff members.

Kerala: Dog hanged from a boat, beaten to death over personal animosity with owner family

The accused were identified as Silu Ayyan, Sunil and a juvenile, and were arrested. However, they were soon released on bail.

Major bites again: US President Joe Biden’s dog bites the second person in a month

After biting a Secret Service employee, Joe Biden's dog Major has bitten a National Park Services staffer at the White House

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