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Priyanka Gandhi took an IndiGo flight from Delhi to Lucknow, and it was a flight to remember.
Not the first time Lord Ram has landed in legal troubles.
It requires special ability to see the brilliance and nobility of Rahul Gandhi. Here is one attempt.
Feel Arvind Kejriwal has offended you? Now you can get an apology
Some of the hilarious jokes after Lenin's statue was brought down in Tripura.
While some commented on his arrogance, others couldn't help but poke fun
The world is waiting for the its next miracle. A baby born using a dog's sperm. 
Let us live with mutual love and respect
A satirical report about BMC's problems with an RJ who came up with a parody song.
A calamity of the highest order has hit the man named Venky Nayadu.
An AAP volunteer, still traumatized by the sense of loss, was staring at empty space in the sky.
It is about the Kejriwal and it is not about Kejriwal
Now that BJP has got 4 MLAs in the Delhi assembly, what all does it change? Not so seriously.
People with utter disregard of the law and questionable moral ethics would be the preferred passengers
If someone blocks you on Twitter, you can’t interact with him further. But this new feature changes that.
He asked his brother to surrender before the police by 31st April, failing which he will blacken his TV screen.
A foolproof guide to help you outrage over statements without falling into any trap
A short account of what happened when the Prime Minister addressed the nation.
A handbook to help a self-declared ‘liberal’ person on appropriate reactions after UP election results are announced.
Satirist Ashwin S Kumar imagines himself as Sagarika Ghose, and writes what she would have written.
Journalist turned author Nirwa Mehta shares her experience with book publishing.
Both the leaders are new to electoral politics and ambitious, but there is more than that common at least on Twitter.
Arvind Kejriwal's trolling tweet boomeranged on himself
Ever since India changed the map of Pakistan in 1971, Pakistan has been dying to do the same to India. 7 such fantasy maps.

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