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Kejriwal and his band of conspiracy theorists spread canards about the ED raids on Nirav Modi properties

The Nirav Modi fraud has rocked the country and people who have deposited their savings in banks. The saving grace for all depositors has been the fact that Punjab National Bank is a public sector bank and it is fully backed by the government. The swift action against the fraudster’s assets has also been a positive sign for the public.

Though political parties criticised Modi government for the Nirav Modi’s escape, the government has raided and seized gold and diamond worth 5100 crores from 17 locations associated with the businessman. We had reported about the details of the raid and the PNB fraud yesterday.

Conspiracy theorists spread doubts and misinformation about the raids

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However popular YouTuber Dhruv Rathee, who has been a vocal critic of Modi government felt that the ‘5100 crores’ figure that emerged from the raid was ‘fishy.’ He is under the false impression that valuing gold and diamonds is same as counting currency that was collected during demonetisation.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal spread this illogical tweet in order to spread doubts in the minds of people.

Another journalist with ‘Moneylife‘ claimed that the assets were valued at just 100 crores.

Twitter users slam conspiracy theorists propaganda

However, such claims were slammed by Twitterati as they were illogical and politically motivated. One of the Twitter users remarked that these conspiracy theorists did not figure out things that were obvious to second-year finance students.

Another user remarked as to how the comparison between demonetisation and ED raids was absurd.

Ankit Jain, Twitter user who is in the jewels and diamonds business explained that it is easy it value the items that were raided yesterday.

Several others debunked ‘conspiracy’ theories and ‘doubts’ of propagandists.

Thus, conspiracy theorists are not able to accept the action taken by the government in Nirav Modi episode. Instead, they continue to work on their propaganda which aims to blame the government for a fraud that has its origins under the UPA regime and not even concede, when swift action is taken and property immediately seized after such frauds surface.

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