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Fact check : Rahul Gandhi’s recent allegations against the Modi government don’t add up

Rahul Gandhi is not only the de-facto leader of opposition in this country but he represents the oldest party in India, the Congress. Thus, the expectations from Rahul are quite high but time and time again Rahul has proven to be the quintessential “only if” man of Indian politics. Only if Rahul could grasp simple concepts, he would have been a decent politician. Only if Rahul Gandhi could not make blunders and make a mockery of himself, he could be taken seriously. Only If Rahul Gandhi’s constant allegations had any substance, he would be able to prove his worth.

In his latest attack against the Modi government, Rahul Gandhi tweeted about MSP’s for Kharif crops in Karnataka and stated that the central government has cheated the farmers of Karnataka.

Minimum Support Price or MSP is a form of market intervention by the Indian government to safeguard agriculture producers against sharp fall in farm prices. The Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) recommends these prices at the start of every sowing season. It is not an apparatus for farmers to make more profit but rather to cut down losses to a reasonable extent. These prices work like a guaranteed price in years of bumper production or a glut in the market. MSP’s are like a security net for farmers, which should be considered as the place to avoid distress sales by farmers.

The statistics put forth by the Congress president are misleading and selective. It actually hinders the growing MSP under the current government. For instance –

Arhur (Tur) MSP has increased by 400 INR/Quintal.

Moong MSP has increased by 350 INR/Quintal.

Cotton MSP has increased by 160 INR/Quintal.

Soybean MSP has increased by 275 INR/Quintal.

Ground Nut MSP has increased by 230 INR/Quintal.

Maize MSP has increased by 60 INR/Quintal.

All the above-mentioned comparisons are made against the year 2016-2017. If we compare this year’s MSP’s with that of the year 2013-2014, the claims made by Rahul seems more hypocritical.

A table with numbers.
Comparison of MSP

It is evident from the comparison, that MSP has been increased by leaps and bounds under the Modi government. It seems to have become a habit with Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party to tout the perceived failures of the Modi government without comparing numbers with their own government and how the situation has improved in the past 4 years. His allegations are often grand statements with zero substance or even proof.

Now, if look at the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna, the directive from the centre is quite clear, all farmers growing the notified crops, irrespective of their state, can get insurance.His claim that this initiative is not adequate is farcical. If we look at the data and categories covered, it becomes evident Rahul is not only misinformed but also delusional.

Comparison Of Three different schemes.

The premium rate that is to be given by the Farmer has been lowered substantially. Farmers often find it hard to pay their premiums during the harvesting season, thus the news scheme has made it easier for the Farmers to pay their premiums by making it a one premium affair per harvest season. Additionally, the localized risk coverage has been extended in included Inundation and for post-harvest losses incurred the coverage has been extended to all of India which was previously restricted to only coastal areas and cyclonic rains, this new approach also provided coverage for unseasonal rain giving the farmer much-deserved relief.  All these facts are wilfully discarded by Rahul.

Coming to the issue of contributing to the farm loan waiver of Karnataka, The incumbent central government has been very clear on its policy regarding farm loan waivers. The Central government will not partake in loan waivers as it intends to focus on achieving its financial goals and will not heed to political adventurism by various states. The Central did not partake in any of the states loan waivers, be it Uttar Pradesh or elsewhere. They recently rejected a proposal by the Punjab government. even the RBI governor has warned about such loan waivers will create a fiscal situation which will get out of hand if not checked.

By making a mockery of himself and exposing his lack of comprehensive skills with this tweet, Rahul has yet again proven himself to be India’s “only if” man. Now, only if Rahul reads this and gets his act together.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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