Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Rahul Gandhi lies

Pakistan picks up tweet by Rahul Gandhi where he casts aspersions on India’s handling of COVID based on a ‘The Wire’ interview

Pakistan, which is always quick to pick up on Congress' propaganda in order to malign India, lapped up tweet by Rahul Gandhi

Congress trolls abuse journalist Shiv Aroor, call him a ‘p*mp’ for sharing ‘edited’ video of Rahul Gandhi, end up exposing their master further

Be it the ruling BJP leaders or journalists, none have been spared by the Congress trolls for pointing out the obvious.

Rahul Gandhi tries to pass off old image of a Kisan rally as that of recent Mahapanchayat in Muzaffarnagar

The image is actually that of a Kisan rally that was held at Shamli, Uttar Pradesh, in February this year in defiance of the restrictions placed by state government to curb the spread of coronavirus

Congress takes off where Alt News left: Rahul Gandhi peddles fake ‘hate crime’ to further ‘Dara Hua Musalman’ narrative

Remember that Ghaziabad incident of fake hate crime where elderly Muslim man claimed he was 'beaten up' for not chanting Jai Shri Ram? Rahul Gandhi used it for propaganda

As India vaccinates 1 crore people in a day, here is how Rahul Gandhi ran a massive propaganda against India’s Covid-19 vaccination drive

Rahul Gandhi continues to spread misinformation about India's Covid-19 vaccination drive even after the country administered over 62 crore doses

Is the Modi govt really ‘selling off India’ as claimed by Rahul Gandhi? Here is what Asset Monetisation Plan is and what Congress does...

Contrary to claims of Congress party, Asset Monetisation Plan does not involve sale of asset, ownership of monetised assets remain with govt

Rahul Gandhi lied to get his Twitter account unlocked? Mother of alleged rape victim denies signing any letter

Alleged rape victim's mother says that neither she nor her husband had given any form of consent to anyone to share their images on social media, contrary to claims made by Congress.

Denying my 20m followers right to ‘opinion’: Watch Rahul Gandhi’s diatribe after his account was locked for compromising identity of minor rape victim

Rahul Gandhi lambasted Twitter and accused it of being prejudiced after it had locked his account for violating its policies

India administers over 13 crore Covid-19 vaccine shots in July, a jump of 12.5% compared to June, Uttar Pradesh leads charge

In July 2021, India administered 13,45,82,477 Covid-19 vaccine shots to its people, a significant improvement over the month of June

Rahul Gandhi claims his phone was ‘tapped’ even though ‘Pegasus Project’ story did not prove so, says IB tells him about it in secret

Rahul Gandhi has come making some grave allegations on the back of the debunked Pegasus snoop gate story that was used to malign Modi govt

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