PM Modi questions Congress’ betrayal on Kartarpur during partition

Modi claimed that the credit for Kartarpur corridor initiative lies with the people of this country who made it possible after 70 years of partition and not with an individual or a party.

Mounting a fierce attack on Congress, PM Modi, at a rally in Hanumangadh, Rajasthan questioned Congress’ wisdom, sensibility and seriousness towards the Sikh community during the partition of the country in 1947. He alleged that Congress could have shown a little sensitivity and ensured that Kartarpur, which is merely 3Kms away from the international border, remains on the Indian side.

Kartarpur holds a special significance for Sikhs all over the world as Guru Nanak Dev made it his seat towards the later part of his life and it is where he had breathed his last. Modi blamed Congress for disregarding Sikh sensitivities in 1947 which led to Kartarpur being a part of Pakistan.

Taking a jibe at Navjot Singh Sidhu and Congress, Modi claimed that the credit for the Kartarpur corridor initiative lies with the people of this country who made it possible after 70 years of partition and not with an individual or a party.

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Addressing the chronic agrarian distress, Modi asserted that had Sardar Patel been elected as India’s first Prime Minister, farmers would not have to suffer the miseries they are facing now. Modi asserted that this distress is because of previous Congress-led governments at the centre and their disastrous policies regarding agriculture. He said, “Congress has made so many mistakes while being in the government that we are still suffering from their outcomes.”

Highlighting BJP government’s transparency and strict measures to rein in corruption, Modi emphasised on the fact that there has been no news of scams or corruption under the BJP led central government whereas, during UPA rule, news reports were filled with various scams like Coalgate, 2G scam, Submarine scam, and others.

Rajasthan will hold elections for its 200 member assembly on December 7. The results will be declared on December 11.

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