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NSA Ajit Doval attends 80th CRPF anniversary, commemorates the martyrs of Pulwama attack.
PM Modi lauded the efforts of the farmers and urged the industrialists to come together to help relieve farmer distress.
PM Modi also acknowledged the contribution of security forces for their counter-terrorism efforts
Pritish Nandy shared a fake image which was earlier shared by Youth Congress leader
PM Modi said that the persistent agrarian distress is a result of erroneous agriculture policies formulated by previous Congress-led governments
There exists an urban legend that the Nizam Mir Osman Ali of Hyderabad had donated 5000 kgs of gold to the Indian government to help in Indo-China war.
How badly do liberals want to hurt India? How far would they go in their hatred and hypocrisy?
He said that Patel was responsible for fanning the Hindu-Muslim divide during the partition.
The Print publishes two contradictory reports by the same journalist just to desperately trash the Statue of Unity with ridiculous arguments
Within 10 days of its inauguration, Sardar Patel Rashtriya Ekta trust has earned around Rs 2.1 crores
The liberal meltdown against the 'Statue of Unity' has been flush with myriad excuses.
India can easily do all these things to improve education, infrastructure, healthcare, science & technology and also build the world’s tallest statue.
The fact is that not one pound from the British Aid that was given to India, went to the construction of this grand statue.
The Gujarat government assured to remove the plaque and install a new one with correct translations.
With the 2019 general elections drawing closer, the political mudslinging seems to have just started. 
PM Modi inaugurates Statue of Unity on Sardar Patel’s birth anniversary today.
Sardar wanted to create a strong and modern India, we’ve made considerable progress on that front so isn’t it time that we gave our unsung heroes their due?
Rahul Gandhi recently visited Mansarovar to show his 'Hindu' side ahead of 2019 elections
Amit Shah has already hinted that the BJP will make reclaiming of Hyderabad pride as a poll issue.
'Liberals' heaped several lies while the status of unity was being inaugurated
If the Opposition gets its way in 2019 elections, it could very well be that the next PM of India will be unveiling statues of herself all over the country.
World’s tallest statue is just a small tribute we can give to this man.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates Statue of Unity - tallest statue in the world dedicated to Sardar Patel - on his birth anniversary today. Get the latest update here.
The government has planned an event similar to the Republic Day to mark the unveiling of the Statue of Unity.
PM Modi to inaugurate the statue on 31st October 2018
Rahul Gandhi, compelled by his habit, tried using this astounding piece of art to target Prime Minister Modi
Hamid Ansari referred to Sardar Patel's speech delivered in Delhi, four days prior to India's Independence
A different statue of Patel is passed of as Statue of Unity
Perhaps it is the silence of the media that gives Rahul Gandhi the impunity necessary to lie blatantly
Soz’ brazenness shows the support he is getting from his own ranks.

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