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Indira Gandhi killed democracy, Rahul Gandhi killed decency

It shows how in politics, no one really 'dies'. They are all kept alive so that whenever the need arises, they are brought alive to perpetuate the propaganda.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi published a tweet today which was open to various interpretations and insinuations, listing out high profile politicised deaths claiming ‘no one killed them’.

The names mentioned by Rahul Gandhi are certainly interesting.

Former Gujarat Minister Haren Pandya was assassinated by Islamist radicals on 26th March 2003. Sohrabuddin Shaikh, a notorious gangster was accused of having killed the former minister. Sheikh was an underworld criminal with links to the Sharifkhan Pathan alias Chhota Dawood and Abdul Latif gangs, and with Rasool Parti and Brajesh Singh, both known to be close to India’s underworld kingpin Dawood Ibrahim. Tulsiram Prajapati was Sohrabuddin Sheikh’s close aide. It is believed that Prajapati was an eyewitness in Sohrabuddin encounter case.

Shaikh was killed in an encounter on November 26, 2005, near Ahmedabad along with his wife Kauser Bi. A year later, on December 27, 2006, Prajapati was also shot dead by Gujarat and Rajasthan police in an encounter near Chapri on Gujarat-Rajasthan border. A special CBI court yesterday acquitted all accused in the case.

Special CBI judge, Judge Loya, who was hearing the Sohrabuddin encounter case, died of cardiac arrest on 1st December 2014 in Nagpur. A report published by Caravan last year raised quite a few eyebrows on his death, but the propaganda that Judge Loya was murdered was duly busted.

Congress had alleged that retired district Prakash Thombre and advocate Shrikant Khandalkar ‘died under mysterious circumstances’. However, despite the allegations, the Supreme Court called the petitions ‘scandalous’ and ordered no probe in Judge Loya’s death. In fact, the judicial ‘whistleblowers’ used by Congress in the Judge Loya case have extremely questionable past.

However, by politicising these unfortunate deaths, Congress has killed decency. Rahul Gandhi’s tweet casting aspersions on these deaths, despite the law having taken its course on them is a very low form of humanity the Congress President has displayed today.

It shows how in politics, no one really ‘dies’. They are all kept alive so that whenever the need arises, they are brought alive to perpetuate the propaganda.

To further the agenda, Congress sides with criminals, calling their encounters extra-judicial killing, finds a conspiracy when there are none, puts up allegations and accusation which the Supreme Court also throws out. And when that happens, Congress goes on rhetoric, building a narrative that all independent agencies, including the judiciary, are ‘compromised’. They are not ‘compromised’ when judgements are in their favour like EVMs were not hacked when Congress won in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

We saw the exact same narrative with the Rafale case as well. Rahul Gandhi screamed “chowkidaar chor hai” from the rooftops. His allegations were baseless and were debunked several times. Yet, his rhetoric continued. Unfortunately, Rahul’s lies did not stop even after the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice of India himself delivered a verdict saying that the Rafale deal was clean and a matter of national security.

It is often said that Congress is more dangerous out of power than in power. While in power, they will devise bills like the Communal Violence Bill which proclaimed that only Muslims could be victims in communal cases and shamelessly further the concocted “Hindu terror narrative”. While out of power, they will dance for the electorate. Make promises they can’t keep. Create fantastical lies even if it means compromising national security like in the case of Rafale and Doklam and proudly tout their sympathy for terrorists, thieves, gangsters etc smartly packaging it with frills called social justice.

This is exactly what Rahul Gandhi and his lackeys have been doing for the past 4 years and their delusions seem to have no end. Today as well, Rahul Gandhi, despite court verdicts, insinuated conspiracy and sympathised with gangsters and terrorists. In the race to occupy the seats of political power again, the Congress clearly is willing to disregard every fibre of decency, morality and responsibility. Whether that gets them political dividends, we will know only in 2019.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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