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Barkha Dutt: How the paragon of women empowerment has been reduced to a victim-playing attention seeker

One wonders if this is the last arrow left in her quiver. With her shattered credibility, dwindling career, next to nothing clout and ignorable existence, one wonders if drawing attention to herself by playing the eternal 'abhla naari' is a Hail Mary Pass for her.

Barkha Dutt, the drummer boy of Rahul Gandhi, is a woman of many talents. Some say her talent lies in getting stone pelters, who admit they are waging Jihad in Kashmir, to say that they are fighting for the ‘Azaadi of Kashmir’. In her illustrious career, she has accomplished more than one could possibly imagine. From ruining a bloggers life for asking questions, to hounding a budding journalist, to whitewashing terror. Her greatest talent, which has recently come to the fore, is how beautifully she plays the victim. After the time when she used a fellow journalist’s death to spread lies and play the victim, this is perhaps the one time, where the has proved that nobody can possibly ‘harvest’ victimhood as she does.

There is something to be said about women of substance. Of professional women who stand their ground and never waver. Who weather through the ups and downs and emerge victorious. Who excel in a man’s world, on their own terms. And then there is something to be said about women who did all of that, and then, instead of retreating graciously, start vying for their lost space again by painting themselves to be the eternal victims. Like the entire world is out to get them. Barkha, while we love to her hate, did excel in a man’s world. Did make her mark, albeit, with the help of Niira Radia, in the field of journalism. She reached a point in her career where she could peddle the ‘poor headmaster’s son’ narrative for a dangerous terrorist without any real punitive action accruing to her. That is saying something.

The advent of social media left the old guard of journalism mostly scampering for cover. Their lies have been exposed. Their spins have been untangled and their true intentions have been revealed. Barkha is one such “journalist”, and we use that term loosely, who has been revealed for what she truly is. A loose talker who has an agenda. A motivated fascist who gives context to the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits by bringing in the ‘economic argument’, much like the Nazis.

Barkha Dutt was propped up by an ignorant country who admired women of substance. When it was revealed that the substance was a mere mirage, her demigod stature was reduced to rubble. The perfumed elite like her don’t take kindly to being displaced from their pedestal. And so, Barkha proceeded to create the narrative that the entire world is out to get her. That she has been disgraced as a journalist not because she is bad at her job, but because people are out to victimise her.

For the past several days, while the country mourned our braves and ached for retribution, Barkha, was busy declaring to the world that she is a victim. Let that sink in for a moment. While soldiers lay blown up to pieces, Barkha was playing the victim.

First, to prove her undying love for Kashmiris, she proclaimed that her number is public and that Kashmiris who are being troubled should reach out to her. Then, she complained to the police about her number being public because she, unfortunately, started getting several unsolicited, harassing messages. When she received the unsolicited picture, she took to Twitter to claim that it was an expression of ‘nationalism’. Nobody knows how she concluded the phallus’ political ideology, but she did.

While the harassment was atrocious and one must take action against it, the self-proclaimed paragon of feminism reduced a serious issue of harassment to ideological debate. She got an unsolicited p*nis picture. That was harassment, plain and simple. However, instead of focussing on the harassment, she proclaimed that the p*enis had a political ideology, thereby reducing the cause of all women who fight this sort of horrific harassment on a regular basis.

After days of playing the victim, last night, she outdid herself.

A hilarious video of a Pakistani journalist went viral on social media. The journalist was rather outraged about India refusing to export tomatoes to Pakistan and kept saying ‘Tauba Tauba’. At one point, the journalist also asserted that ‘Pakistan can live without tomatoes’ and that ‘it is time Pakistan nukes India’ because of this tomato fiasco.

Following the video of the Pakistani journalist frothing at the mouth, several spoof videos were made. One of those spoof videos came from a hilarious handle called ‘@SuperLonday’.

Barkha popped a vein. Metaphorically, of course.

She not only tagged Twitter functionaries, but also the Delhi police. She wrote, “this video is being brought to your attention to see what you are going to do’.

It was a simple video really. One recalls how the entire Left cabal had defended AIB (All India Bakchod) when they had used PM Modi’s picture and applied a dog filter to it via snapchat. One wonders how this was any different? If that was justified as humour, why should Barkha get all sensitive now about her picture being used as a spoof?

Did she do this to wash away the ‘Pro-Pakistan’ image that she has? She is often reminded that Hafiz Saeed himself had praised Barkha’s journalism. Was this outburst so that would not be raked up again? Or she wanted to overcompensate by outraging on this video?

One wonders if this is the last arrow left in her quiver. With her shattered credibility, dwindling career, next to nothing clout and ignorable existence, one wonders if drawing attention to herself by playing the eternal ‘abhla naari’ is a Hail Mary Pass for her. Whether she hopes that this would breathe life into a disgraced journalistic career. That people, might just think of watching her asinine channel that has recently been started with Kapil Sibal’s money if she constantly whines and becomes the butt of all jokes.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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Nupur J Sharma
Nupur J Sharma
Editor-in-Chief, OpIndia.

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