Topic: victimhood

Dr. Naresh Goyal, Executive Director of the Dewan College, said that since four faculty members dedicated to the job were wasting their time, waiting for her to turn up, the college had no option but to take the decision.
For the past several days, while the country mourned our braves and ached for retribution, Barkha, was busy declaring to the world that she is a victim.
Wish you had stood up for your colleagues earlier
This drama has gone on long enough, and it is time to stop
Stop dividing us, 'liberal' media.
Perhaps all this time the real solution was right in front of us : Army & Police shooting stone-pelters in the head. 
Is this going to be the default go-to defence for Zakir Naik?
After 10 years as Vice President, Hamid Ansari felt unsafe as a Muslim. I need to share my concerns too.
Instead of weaving story around data available, journalist tries to find data for an already established storyline.
The Indian mainstream media has been notorious for twisting facts and pushing an agenda
Indian secularism doesn’t celebrate diversity, it celebrates victimhood. This needs to change.
Entire mainstream media united to paint Rajdeep Sardesai as victim, even when he was accused of being abusive.

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