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Voters today are smart, Priyanka’s Ayodhya visit an election stunt: Babri dispute petitioner Iqbal Ansari

Ansari stated that Congress had carried out no development, generated no jobs in 60 years of its rule. He added that today's voters are not going to fall for election-time stunts.

Babri Masjid petitioner Iqbal Ansari today slammed Congress Party over Priyanka Gandhi’s visit to Ayodhya. As per reports, Ansari called her visit to the city an election stunt. He blamed the Congress Party for having ruled for decades and yet not carrying out any development work in Ayodhya.

Ansari told media that in all these years of Congress rule, there has been no development in Ayodhya. He stated that there has been no infrastructure development, no jobs, and prosperity in the region.

Ansari called the Ayodhya dispute a gift of Congress and accused it of pitching Hindu-Muslims against each other. He said that Congress is not going to benefit from Priyanka Gandhi’s Ayodhya visit. He attacked Congress for ignoring Ayodhya during its 60 years rule. He said that no development work was carried out by the Congress in the city, neither employment was generated nor was any mill or factory set up.

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Ansari, reportedly also stated that it was due to Congress that the Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi dispute has not been solved in all these years. He accused Congress of pitching Hindus and Muslims against each other.

However, Ansari praised the BJP government in the Centre and the State. He said the PM Modi and the CM Yogi are carrying out development work in Ayodhya. He also praised CM Yogi for paying regular visits to the city to oversee the development work. Ansari credited the current BJP government and also the previous Samajwadi Party government for the development of the city but attacked the Congress for doing nothing in the name of development during its rule.

Ansari said that the voter is aware and educated and Priyanka Gandhi’s Ayodhya visit is not going to get any votes to the Congress Party. He added that voters today are smart, they are not going to fall for the election-time stunts. He also added that even the Muslim voters will not be fooled by Priyanka not choosing to visit the Ram Janmabhoomi at the disputed site.

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