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Congress lies about Wayanad seat not being Hindu-minority to hide consequence of their historic Hinduphobia

The toxic and radical mixture of Hinduphobia and Islamic fundamentalism, the brand of politics which the Congress party has adopted over the years, finds its natural culmination with their party president contesting from a constituency where Hindus are in the minority.

Rahul Gandhi was on the hunt for a safe seat in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections after Smriti Irani laid siege to the Nehru-Gandhi Parivar bastion of Amethi. To that end, he chose Wayanad in Kerala as his preferred second seat.

Many have commented on the significance that the Congress President had chosen to compete from a constituency where Hindus are in the minority. Even a party leader had made the admission on a sting tape that the great share of the Christian-Muslim vote in the electorate made the constituency very much a safe bet for Rahul.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, too, was flummoxed by Rahul’s candidature from the constituency and suggested that he should have contested from a constituency where the BJP had a serious chance of winning. Other Communist leaders have expressed similar sentiments and remarked that by contesting from Wayanad, Rahul Gandhi is fighting the Left and not the BJP.

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On social media, many people have made the same observation. That Rahul Gandhi was contesting from a constituency where Hindus are in the minority, especially since his party is infamous for inventing the myth of Hindu Terror, was the subject of endless discussion and debate.

Priyanka Chaturvedi, the spokesperson of the Congress party, intervened on her party’s behalf to defend her party President’s choice for a safe seat. In her reply to the Executive Editor of News18, who had asserted that Hindus are in the minority in Wayanad, Chaturvedi accused him of lying.

As it turns out, Chaturvedi was obviously either misinformed or completely ignorant of the actual demography of the Wayanad Lok Sabha Constituency. The data she mentions in her tweet states the demography of the Wayanad District which is different from the Wayanad Parliamentary constituency.

The Wayanad Parliamentary constituency is comprised of 7 Assembly constituencies drawn from three districts: Thiruvambady from Kozhikode, Mananthavadi, Sulthan Bathery and Kalpetta from Wayanad, Eranad, Nilambur and Wandoor from Malappuram. Therefore, quite clearly, the demography of the Wayanad constituency is different from the demography of Wanayad district as mentioned by Priyanka Chaturvedi.

The actual demography of the Constituency has Muslims as the majority making up 56% of the electorate while Hindus are only 34%. The Christian community is 9% of the electorate. Therefore, it’s factually correct to assert that the Congress President has chosen to contest from a constituency where Hindus in the minority after his party peddled the Hindu Terror narrative for years.

Source: TOI

Thus, we have a situation where a Congress leader admits during a sting that the high share of the minority vote in the constituency made it a safe bet for Rahul Gandhi. People realize that the demography is heavily skewed in favour of Congress by virtue of its composition. The party spokesperson then attempts to peddle a false narrative by twisting facts.

The Islamization of the Congress party has been happening for a while now, over the course of a couple of decades perhaps, and with the Congress President choosing a Muslim majority constituency as a safe seat marks the completion of the process. As is to be expected, the ‘Pliant Media’ will try very hard to shield the Congress President and deny the obvious by twisting facts on the matter. However, Rahul’s candidature from Wayanad is as significant a moment as the crossing of the Rubicon.

The path for Rahul Gandhi towards contesting from a Hindu minority constituency was obviously laid when the Hindu Terror narrative was invented by the Congress for political gains. It’s a natural consequence of the Hinduphobia that Congress and its ecosystem generated that the scion of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty has been relegated to contesting from a Hindu minority constituency. Not long back, it was even reported that Rahul Gandhi had claimed that Congress was a Muslim party.

The troubling part of the matter is the Congress has always sided with the fundamentalist sections of the Muslim community that is a significant threat to communal harmony. Senior leader Kapil Sibal represented one of the Muslim petitioners in the Ram Janambhoomi dispute and actively tried to delay judgment on the matter. They are often seeing toeing the Pakistani line. When in power, the Congress party tried to pass the Communal Violence Bill which maintained that members of the Hindu community could not be victims of communal violence. They passed the 93rd amendment which puts Hindu-run schools at a serious disadvantage.

Digvijay Singh, another extremely senior party leader, attended the launch of a book that blamed the RSS for the Mumbai Terror attack. They framed Hindus for terror attacks which were most probably committed by Islamic terrorists. They opposed the Triple Talaq Bill which seeks to liberate Muslim women from a terrible tradition. They opposed the Citizenship Amendment Bill which would give the horribly oppressed Hindus from Pakistan the opportunity to lead their lives with their dignity intact in India. A toxic combination of Hinduphobia and Islamic fundamentalism has become the identifying feature of the Congress party despite its shrieks of allegiance to Secularism.

The Kerala unit of the Congress party is even more extraordinary in its opposition to respecting Hindu sentiments. Who could ever forget that members of the Youth Congress slaughtered a calf in the middle of the street and ate its flesh? They claimed to have the approval of the state President! Merely days later, a Congress MLA from the state posted a video of himself eating beef for the sake of mere politics.

The toxic and radical mixture of Hinduphobia and Islamic fundamentalism, the brand of politics which the Congress party has adopted over the years, finds its natural culmination with their party president contesting from a constituency where Hindus are in the minority. Rahul Gandhi’s candidature from a Hindu Minority constituency is only testament to that fact.

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