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‘Nationalist’ Aquib Mir poses as Hindu to gain trust of married Hindu woman, tricks her into nikah, beats her when questioned about multiple affairs:...

The victim was already married and had a son when she came in contact with Aquib Mir. In her complaint, she said that at that time, she was in a vulnerable position as her husband was suffering from medical issues leading to stress and an emotionally weak situation. Aquib contacted her on Instagram posing as a Hindu man named Ravi Rajput in 2021. They became friends and slowly came closer. 

Assam Congress MLA Aftabuddin Mollah arrested for hate speech against Hindus saints, had said, ‘Wherever there is rape, a Sadhu is involved’: Details

Assam Police on Wednesday (8th November) arrested Congress MLA Aftabuddin Mollah for disparaging priests, namgharias, and saints.

Leftists and Islamists try to blame Hindus for a Muslim boy carving ‘Jai Bholenath’ on another Muslim boy as a ‘prank’ in Bareilly

In the Bareilly incident, Mohammad Shadab was identified as the accused, but still Islamists and the leftist-liberal brigade abused and vilified Hindus, accusing them of a crime that was actually carried out by a Muslim youth.

Shreyas Talpade apologises after video of him putting his foot on ‘Om’ symbol in a movie goes viral

Talpade said that him putting his foot on the Om symbol in the film Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal was inadvertent and if he would have noticed it he would have brought it up to the director's attention.

Bangladesh: Islamists vandalise Saraswati idol, attack Hindu worshippers, Farook and 5 others nabbed

During the assault, two Hindus named Hriday Biswas and Shayan Sarkar were grievously injured.

Author Ami Ganatra, Nityanand Misra explain why Drishti IAS managing director was wrong about Ram-Sita in his comments and subsequent explanation

Author Ami Ganatra slammed the Drishti IAS professor for obtusely cherry-picking a line from the scripture

From Rangeela Rasool to Kohat riots and Nupur Sharma: An unmissable pattern of insult, aggression, victim playing and vilification of Hindus

There are examples aplenty of how the global media helps the Ummah turn themselves into perennial victims after every incident of unilateral aggression.

Awakening a sleeping giant: How opposition and global propaganda against Hindus may end up helping the community

Hindus are a peaceful lot. Hinduism and all Hindus generally believe in the live and let live idea of life- but they are great warriors too.

Democratic party unit in New Jersey condemns anti-Hindu resolution by other arm TDMC labelling many Hindu orgs as ‘foreign hate groups’: Details

New Jersey Democratic State Committee has condemned the anti-Hindu resolution passed by the Teaneck Democrats

Prateek Pawar attack: 8 more Islamists, including a minor, arrested for attacking Hindu man for supporting Nupur Sharma, had said, ‘we won’t leave a...

Eight more Muslim men have been arrested for the attack against Maharashtra youth Prateek Pawar, for his social media post supporting Nupur Sharma

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