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When PM Modi’s roadshow caused heart burn inside (and among) the ‘left-liberal’ ecosystem

However, the moment PM Modi held a roadshow in Banaras, everybody from their fraternity seems to lose their minds! What was so different in Banaras that the entire liberal cabal went bonkers in a jiffy?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi filed his nomination in Banaras for the ongoing Lok Sabha elections a few days ago. His nomination filing process received widespread coverage as the entire nation had its eyes on him. However, a day prior to this, he conducted a mega road show in the city of temples and was welcomed by a sea of people to thunderous applause, and chants of ‘Modi-Modi’ across the stretch of his route. The roadshow was covered across the media by almost every news channel. Roadshows or nomination rallies these days are seen as a show of strength for contesting candidates.

Liberals were seen shedding tears of joy when a similar crowd had turned up for Kanhaiya Kumar in Begusarai, to shower their love on the CPI candidate. The show of green colour during Rahul Gandhi’s roadshow in Wayanad was hailed as Gandhi’s and Congress’ presence amongst the people of the south.

However, the moment PM Modi held a roadshow in Banaras, everybody from their fraternity seems to lose their minds! What was so different in Banaras that the entire liberal cabal went bonkers in a jiffy? Oh well, in Banaras, a special person, who happens to be the current Prime Minister was waving to the cheering crowd from his car. In Banaras, the flags of the saffron-party, the BJP were seen fluttering gloriously. In Banaras, it appeared as if Hindu symbols had taken over. In Banaras, winds of hope and of reviving Hindu civilization, which was, until now falsified for political gains, were blowing.

These winds seemed to carry a subtle message of the saffron surge that had ignited the hearts of many people. These hearts were overcome with despair upon gauging the direction of these winds. PM Modi’s roadshow had hit the bullseyes by instigating this heartburn.

BJP is not to be underestimated anymore. Of late, the saffron party has been organizing a number of events to showcase its strength to the masses. This is causing frustration to the so-called intellectuals and ‘Pak Occupied Patrakaars‘ who have ganged up together. Events like these force them to shed their cloaks and expose their true colours.

Why do liberals, Kaampanthis and the samudaay vishesh of journalism get burns by Modi’s saffron? What is so negative about it? Nothing, except of course the fact that the colour of his crowd is not green. Unfortunately for them, the fire of their hatred in, which they seem to burn all the time also has a colour. That too ‘lagbhag’ saffron.

Hope you all remember the times, when politicians across party lines, would wear skull caps in the rat race to appear more Muslim than the Muslims themselves. Hamid Ansari and Najeeb Jung would chill out without their skull caps on, while Arvind Kejriwal would roam around donning the skull cap as if he had just arrived from Mecca. Mamata Banerjee too would raise her hands in dua and murmur as if she were reciting the verses from the Quran. However, the people Banerjee visited did not need her display of theatrics.

In reality, such politicians have nothing to do with Muslims, their religion or welfare. Such antics do not qualify as secularism either. Nor does it assure standing up for the minority rights. It was a mere formality, an obligation to please the Muslims. For ages, the Muslim community has believed political parties that talk about their interests and sport their religious symbols.

Had any such political party actually done something concrete for Muslims, then this community would not be suffering across social indicators today? Their women would not be tolerating insults under the garb of evil social practices that have been rejected in Islamic countries like Pakistan and Turkey. Alas! Muslims understand this very well but fall prey to such political gimmicks even today. Their Imams still command the authority to appeal to them to vote in large numbers to a particular politician, a specific political party et al, and they still oblige!

Anyway, let’s talk about Modi and the crowd that was seen in Benaras. Benaras and Patliputra are the two oldest surviving and continuously thriving ancient cities in the world today. Unlike some of the oldest known cities, the settlements here have not disappeared. These cities are inhabited since the beginning of civilization.

Modi contested from Benaras in 2014 and won with a thumping majority. He is contesting again. Since his victory, he has made efforts to rejuvenate the city, which is proof enough that he doesn’t aim to rejuvenate the city alone but Sanatan Asmita, history and culture as well. The Ganga, Kashi Vishwanath and the son of the soil Mahamana represent the continuity of its unrivalled history to its present. Modi’s efforts are a tribute to the vast glory of this ancient city.

Within 15-seconds of Modi’s roadshow, the left-liberal ecosystem must have realized that his governance has worked effectively, slowly but consistently, to break the spine of anti-Hindu narrative during his 5-year tenure. Like that of Andy Dufrence in Shawshank Redemption! So when their intolerance raga, raga Modi ghrina failawat, raga berozgari vyaapt, raga notebandi mritak, raga GST dukaanbandi etc failed to incite any rage, they were still thinking of creating a wave against the ruling regime. But this too fell flat as they figured out his government had already rescued the Sanatan Asmita from the shackles of Communist ideology hiding behind the poster of Raquel Welch.

When Modi waved his hand, stopped to accept a shawl offered by an elderly citizen, the entire route reverberated with chants of his name, it no longer was a plain roadshow. It transcended to become those drops of water that fell on Andy Dufrence’s head. The purity, and the calm, which was evident on his face after getting his freedom. The rose petals showered on Modi was a gesture of gratitude by his people for releasing the Sanatan faith from the clasp of these intellectual vultures.

Looking at the crowd in his roadshow, some drew unworthy parallels to that of Hitler and Nazis of Germany in lieu of their interpretation of Hilter, a popular leader running a majority government. This comparison exposed their sick and wicked mentality. If one becomes a Hitler by merely attracting crowds to his rally, then what about the similar crowds that are seen during rallies of Lalu Prasad Yadav, Mamata Banerjee, and Congress? In fact, the situation in Mamata’s Bengal and Lalu’s Bihar resembles close to a violent dictatorship regime.

Some were concerned about the politicization of the Hindu faith. Dear Champu! Policisation of faith happens when you throw a beef party, make an unsuccessful attempt to blend in by wearing a skull cap in an iftaar party despite being a Hindu and also when you have a problem with the head of the nation visiting a temple but not with Rahul Gandhi wearing janeu during his temple runs.

If such people and the ones whom they appease lack public support, then this is not Modi’s problem. You are free to borrow crowds if you can. Who has stopped you? The whole country witnessed green colour with moons and stars surging on the streets of Wayanad. But did we say the colour was representing a symbol of politicization of faith?

Faith is both personal, as well as collective. The Consitution bestows on us, the right to choose our religion and practice it with freedom. Modi’s act of doing Ganga Aarti is in his personal capacity as well as the collective faith of crores of Hindus who have chosen him to represent them. The ‘interest’ here implies the acts of previous governments to systematically falsify Hindu Gods and temples, distort history and texts and fabricate research papers to crop up the existence of a mosque in Ayodhya. We were all the while false fed about the existence of two races- Aryans and Dravidians, and the 5000-year old myth of Dalit atrocities.

A great but baseless conspiracy was hatched. It had no basis but they kept on repeating it as to run their propaganda. So much so that the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh went on to say that Muslims have the first right over the resources of this country. But why? How did he draw such a conclusion? What about secularism then or does ‘Muslim appeasement only’ mean being secular? Because of such antics, it irks this jamaat when Modi addresses the deprived, the poor, and the homeless. He cut across caste and religious lines by giving the economically derived a 10% reservation. This is how he has delivered social justice in true sense.

This saffron colour is not to scare anyone. Ayodhya’s Diwali is not for threatening anyone. Were Iftaar parties held to scare anyone? Absolutely not. The leaders who felt that they should attend those parties, so they did. Some leader felt that a certain religious population would vote for her if she offers prayers like them so she covered her head with her saree, closed her eyes and raised her hand in dua.

This is not to scare anyone. No Hitler has arrived. This is the land of Hindus, people here are all inclusive, they are promoters of tolerance and love. So much so that our ancestors offered shelter to Islamic invaders, Islamic rapists, and other foreign assassins. How many more examples do you want? Can such tolerant and peace-loving people scare anyone? Our community is gripped with a special kind of fear during our festivals, so how can we scare anyone?

We have even named our cities after notorious invaders like Bakhtiyar Khilji, who set ablaze our treasure, The Nalanda University. We allowed generations of these invaders to enslave us for centuries and settle here with us. Why should anyone fear us then?

During the PM’s roadshow, his followers were waving the flags, that’s all. Our flags have been here for ages. These flags were torn apart by invaders, yet continued their existence in harmony. By restoring the glorious name of Prayagraj, I see no threat!

Islamic terrorists, rapists, and invaders had discovered a novel way of wiping our culture. All they had to do is attack our faith, burn our literature and manipulate the history. Today, we are only reclaiming what belongs to us, in its original form, within the constitutional realm.

This saffron crowd that liberals are whining about had come to catch a glimpse of their beloved leader. Amongst this crowd, were few dead souls that have been revived by the Sanjeevani of Modi. The crowd in this roadshow hopes to reclaim the glory of our golden history through the power of voting.

There is no reason to be jealous of this crowd. Better still, make the efforts to earn the love of these people. The beauty of Sanatan Dharam allows even a sinner to attain mukti. Every Pak Occupied Patrakaars, member of samudaay vishesh of journalism, leaders of the left-liberal mob, politicians wearing Muslim skull caps for appeasement too have a chance to attain Moksha. Provided they visit the holy land of Benaras, deboard at the railway station, bow down at the ghats of Ganga, and apologize to her saying, “We will no longer behave like retards, we will not be chirkuts anymore.”

This article is a translation of this Hindi article. The translation has been done by Aditi Singh.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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