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The temple visits of the Gandhi siblings right before the elections are an example of what all can elections make the politician do.
Shiv Sena supremo Uddhav Thackeray said that it was the right time to forget the ups and downs between the alliance partners
Sonam Kapoor compares action by Indian Air Force to 'fundamentalism'
Congress leader Shashi Tharoor had tweeted: "Hindi, Hindu, Hindutva ideology is dividing the country"
Once I became a Hindu again, Hindutva was the obvious political preference.
Considering recent political developments and the rise in the political consciousness of Hindus which is reflected in Indian polity being remarkably vocal regarding Hindu concerns and interests, the achievement of Hindutva ideologues is truly unprecedented in history.
Dear Shashi Tharoor, you come across as a person 'suffering' from sesquipedalianism, whose words are devoid of any actual comprehensible meaning when it is tried to be put in context
The only thing that Barkha does get right in her video is the fact that Hindus are not hapless victims.
Prakash Raj was speaking at the annual book fair in Sharjah
For a global participant like India, which is known for its cultural equity, it is very important for decision makers to resist from sounding aloof or foreign.
She is worshipped by humans, gandharvas, asuras and devas alike. 
Goel's body of work and life will continue to serve as an inspiration and a source of immense knowledge
Earlier, Mughal Sarai Railway Station was also renamed to Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Nagar Station
We believe in empowering each Bharatiya so that Bharatiyata in them blooms like the lotus of BJP.
Social Media is littered with songs, memes and blogs which all contributed to the mainstreaming of Hindutva.
I’m a Hindu woman and believer who is #READYTOWAIT and with this verdict, I feel utterly cheated and defeated
Another poster has a cutout of Digvijaya Singh missing
The response of the Indian govt to such biased reports thus far has been, "India does not take cognizance of internal reports of a foreign country."
I am not asking people to use idioms/terminologies of the West exclusively to tackle these problems
There are clear contradictions between the words of the Congress party and its actions.
Asaduddin Owaisi said the RSS was demeaning others by calling others dogs and assuming themselves as tigers
Historically speaking, India has been tolerant of homosexuality and transgenders, like all pagan cultures.
Hindu sentiments are just a location-specific political tool for Congress
The account came up relatively recently on Twitter and is run by a pair of brothers.
Identify the agenda they have and identify the mistruths they spread.
Japan worships a host of Hindus Gods and Goddesses although they are not always aware of their origins.
'The industry that is booming globally is religious tourism', he wrote
Not quite here. Not quite there. Fallen between the cracks...
Anti-Brahmin bigotry is quite acceptable in Indian intellectual circles.

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