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Naturals Co-founder and CEO CK Kumaravel calls Veer Savarkar a coward, spews venom against Hindutva ideologue, netizens call for boycotting his spas and salons

Co-founder and CEO of Naturals, a Spa and Salon chain, CK Kumaravel sparked outrage after he made a disparaging post against Veer Savarkar

US: Islamists and left liberals hijack Holi in the name of ‘fighting Hindutva’. Read how a similar event from 2020 was tied to anti-CAA...

The controversial programme is being held jointly by the 'Asian American Alliance (AAA)' and 'Muslim Students Association (MSA)'.

Twitter (X) account of Hinduphobic fake news peddler ‘Hindutva Watch’ withheld in India

Hindutva Watch has long faced criticism for peddling communally sensitive fake news and maligning Hindu leaders championing the cause of Hindus.

How The Hindu consoled itself and shielded Rahul Gandhi after electoral drubbing in 3 states: Blaming regional leaders, voters, Hindutva and more

We are used to Congress crediting the Gandhi family for victories and blaming the regional leaders for their defeats - now, The Hindu is doing it too

World Hindu Congress in Bangkok adopts a declaration embracing ‘Hindutva’ as Sanatan Dharma’s English name, renounces ‘Hinduism’

According to the declaration, many academicians and intellectuals have been portraying Hindutva as the antithesis of Hindu Dharma because of their hatred and biases against the Hindu community or for political agendas.

OP Jindal Global University slams ‘activist’ who made anti-Hindu remarks during talk on Palestine issue, issues warning to ‘Professor’ for discriminating against Hindu students

On 1st November this year, 'activist' Achin Vanaik delivered a lecture at the OP Jindal Global University and claimed, “Hindutva is fundamentally and foundationally anti-Muslim”.

‘Our Plight is one’: Pro-Palestine demonstration held by Kerala group calls for eradication of ‘Zionism and Hindutva’, ‘Azadi by any means’. Read details

While these narratives were predicted by OpIndia, a bizarre statement was released by TSM on Instagram about the outcome of the demonstrations.

If Israel goes down, you and I are next: The brutal Islamist persecution of Jews and why Hindus support Israel – civilisational memory

October 7, 2023, will remain etched in Israeli memory as the day of the ‘Hamas Massacre’. It was not a war on Israel - it was a brutal, vile attack on unarmed innocent citizens of a country

The Non Practicing Hindu

Unlike other religions, Hindu religion does not have a central holy book, a central deity, and definite set of rules to follow

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