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Removal of Article 370 is not withdrawal of special provisions, it is giving equal rights to people of Jammu and Kashmir: PM Modi

This is the first time the PM talked to the public after the historic decision to abrogate Article 370 and Article 35A of the constitution was taken by the government

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation via a televised speech today evening at 8 PM. This is the first time the PM talked to the public after the historic decision to abrogate Article 370 and Article 35A of the constitution was taken by the government. These two articles had given the state Jammu and Kashmir a separate status and kept it alienated from the country. The Article 35A, which was introduced by presidential order in 1956, was repealed by issuing a new presidential order on 5th August, which had superseded the earlier order. While Article 370 was removed using the provisions of clause 3 of the Article.

The speech was being carried live by most news channels. The speech can be watched on the live stream embedded below.


8:00 PM: Everyone thought nothing will change, even with Article 370. Nobody was talking about the harmful effects of Article 370. Nobody was able to tell people the ill-effects or the benefits of Article 370 on the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

8:05: Article 370 and 35A was being used by Pakistan to instigate people. 42,000 people have died so far.

8:05: Any government of any party makes laws in the parliament to ensure the well-being of people. There is a lot of debate during the process inside and outside the parliament. But it tragic that earlier a law was made and it was not even applicable to one part of the country.

8:07: Any law made for the benefit of the people did not benefit the people of Jammu and Kashmir. In the country, children have the right to education. J&K children did not have that right. The rights that girl-children get, were not availed by the girls of J&K. Even sweepers could take benefit of the rights they have in the rest of the country. In the rest of the country, to stop atrocities against Dalits, there are laws. But in J&K, there were no such laws. Even for the marginalised, there were laws in the entire country, but none in J&K. Minimum Wages Act was also not applicable in J&K. SC and ST got reservations, but not in J&K. Now, with Article 370 and Article 35A being made history, J&K will come out of its ill-effects.

8:10: It is the aim of the government to give the employees, including the police of J&K get the same rights as the other employees in the rest of the country.

8:12: Very soon, in J&K and Ladakh all central and state positions will be filled. From this, the youth of J&K and Ladakh will get employment. Along with that, PSUs and Private Sector companies will get an incentive for employment generation. The govt will start a scholarship program so most students can avail of the benefits.

8:15: After the removal of Article 370 and 35A, only for some time, the UTs have been kept under the central government only for some time. After President’s rule has been employed, in the past few months, J&K has seen good governance and development. The schemes that were limited to paper, are being seen on the ground now too. Projects that were stalled for years are seeing progress. We have tried to bring in a new culture in governance. As a result, IIT, IIM, AIIMS etc and irrigation projects, power projects or even ACB has seen an improvement in working. Connectivity projects too have seen an improvement.

8:16: Our democracy is so strong, but in J&K, there are people who have never voted in the Assembly Elections, Panchayat Elections etc and neither did they have the right to contest. These people are those who after the 1947 partition, came to India. They had all rights in India, but only in J&K, had no rights. Should they not get their rights?

8:17: I want to tell the people of J&K, your representatives will be chosen by you. I am confident that together, we will fight terrorism and embark on a new path of development.

8:19: We all want that in the coming time, J&K sees Assembly elections and we see new representatives of the people. I want to assure the people, that they will get to elect their own representatives very soon in a calm and peaceful environment.

8:20: It is my experience that 4-5 months back, in the Panchayat elections of J&K and Ladakh are working very well. They should be welcomed and appreciated. When I went to Srinagar, I met them at length. When they came to Delhi, to my residence, I spoke to them at length. Because of them, J&K has seen development at the rural level. Whether it is about providing electricity or making the village ODF. In fact, the women representatives have performed phenomenally well. I am confident, that after the abrogation of Article 370, when they get a better environment to work in, they will perform better.

8:22: I am confident that the people of J&K will defeat terrorism and move forward with new hope.

8:23: Decades of dynasty politics deprived people of leadership. Now, the youth of J&K will lead and develop J&K and Ladakh. I urge the youth to come forward in a leadership role. J&K and Ladakh can be the biggest tourist spot in India. But we need the help of the rest of the country. There was a time when Bollywood would shoot in Kashmir. Now when J&K turns to normalcy, this will resume. I urge people, whether, from Bollywood or Industry or technology, they should focus on J&K and Ladakh.

8:26: The decision of the government will also benefit youth who are interested in sports. New stadiums, scientific training etc will be provided. They will be able to display their talent to the world and play for India.

8:30: Farmers will benefit when they sell the unique plants of J&K. After becoming a UT, the development of the people of Ladakh is the responsibility of the central government. The govt will ensure that the people of Ladakh get all benefits.

8:30: In a democracy, it is obvious that some people will be for the decision and some will be again. I respect their reasons for differences. And it is our responsibility to assuage their sentiments. But I urge them to work for the benefit for the Nation. Respect the sentiments of the Nation. They should work towards the betterment of the nation.

8:32: The abrogation of Article 370 is reality. But it is also a reality that because of this, certain steps had to be taken. The effects are also being borne by the people of J&K and they are cooperating. Some people are trying to instigate people, and they are getting a response from the nationalists of J&K. Even terrorism is being fought by these nationalists and the people who believe in the Indian Constitution.

8:34: I assure the nationalists that the situation will become normal soon. I give all of you my best wishes for Eid. We are trying to ensure that there will be no problems in celebrating the festival. Even people who live outside J&K and want to go back home for Eid are being helped by the central government.

8:35: I also thank the paramilitary forces, government employees, J&K police and all employees for being there to help the people of J&K. Their hard work has increased by faith in change. Jammu and Kashmir is our crown. Many have sacrificed their lives for this crown.

8:37: Several people have sacrificed their lives because of terrorism. They have all dreamt of a quiet, secure and developed J&K. All of us need to fulfil those dreams together.

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