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No end to Pakistani ministers’ misery: Low IQ Ch Fawad Hussain exposes his buffoonery, falls for a prank yet again

It is beyond astonishment that Pakistani ministers are blessed with such low IQ that they have perhaps fallen for yet another prank by the Indian social media activists who seem to have taken upon themselves to expose the buffoonery.

It is beyond astonishment that Pakistani ministers are blessed with such low IQ that they have perhaps fallen for yet another prank by the Indian social media activists who seem to have taken upon themselves to expose the buffoonery. Pakistani federal minister of science and technology, with an IQ lower than the total number of Cricket World Cups the country has won, again seems to have fallen for a prank.

Chaudhry Fawad Hussain today took to Twitter to tell the world that ‘informed sports commentators’ have told him that India has threatened Sri Lankan players that they will be ousted from Indian Premier League (IPL) if they don’t cancel their Pakistan tour.

“This is really cheap tactic, jingoism from sports to space is something we must condemn, really cheap on the part of Indian sports authorities,” he tweeted. His tweet came after 10 Sri Lankan players pulled out from the team’s tour to Pakistan over ‘security situation’. The Sri Lankan team is scheduled to play 3 ODIs and 3 T20i matches, starting from 27th September to 9th October, 2019 in Pakistan.

Except, Fawad Chaudhry’s tweet came hours after prankster had sent the message to Fawad Hussain on WhatsApp that the decision by Sri Lanka was taken after the IPL authorities threatened Sri Lankan players that they’ll be thrown out of IPL if they go to Pakistan.

In the tweet, he shared a screenshot of WhatsApp conversation with Ch Fawad Hussain which read, “Sir this is planned by IPL. IPL has told them that is (sic) Srilanks (sic) player go to play in Pakistan then they will be thrown out of IPL. Request you to tweet it. please.” The above message was sent at 10:02 PM last night, as seen from the time stamp.

The tweet was shared by a social media activist by the user name @Pokershash who had earlier tricked Fawad Hussain to give him his WhatsApp number.

Fawad Hussain had shared his WhatsApp number following which it became viral on social media and since then Indian pranksters have been having fun at his expense.

Parody country Pakistan is an embarrassment in itself. After Indian government abrogated Article 370 which gave Jammu & Kashmir a separate status, Pakistani leaders are busy outdoing each other in proving who is a bigger idiot. On one hand, former minister of Pakistan, Senator Rehman Malik believed that a scene from the film Singham was actually an image of former Union Minister P Chidambaram being beaten up in CBI custody, Ch Fawad Hussain has been having a meltdown of his own.

Pakistan’s spokesperson for armed forces, too, took a dig at the Vikram Lander losing contact while making a landing on lunar surface.

The low IQ goats with guns like to spell India as ‘Endia’ because Pakistan’s only aim in life is to ‘end’ India. Or perhaps they don’t know how to spell it. Ghafoor then took to Twitter to ask who will be blamed for the Chandrayaan 2 incident. First of all, the mission was 95% success and we are extremely proud of ISRO for having attained the feat. Second of all, some day we will have a smooth landing on the moon and it will reveal the secrets of the cosmos, while Pakistan will still have General Bajwa making a landing where the sun doesn’t shine.

Pakistan, which unfortunately has a joke for the minister of science and technology, was awake at the wee hours of Saturday when ISRO’s Vikram Lander was to make a soft landing on the lunar surface and cheered like a mad man when it lost connection. After a prolonged meltdown, he even questioned India for ‘wasting’ money on ‘insane’ missions like Chandrayaan 2.

A bit rich coming from a country which uses wild pigeons to ‘cure’ hepatitis by getting pigeons to suck ‘virus’ from navel of patient with its anus.

Ch Fawad Hussain is like the quintessential high school bully who thinks he is really smart and can get his way because he has surrounded himself with equally stupid or even worse sidekicks. Now if only the parody country would focus more on solving their internal crisis than holding pajama parties with terror organisation heads to plot against the country they need to depend on for things even as basic as medicines, they will actually achieve something.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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