Home Politics Parody country Pakistan's ex-minister Rehman Malik exposes his low IQ, falls for a parody account who fools him like a pro

Parody country Pakistan’s ex-minister Rehman Malik exposes his low IQ, falls for a parody account who fools him like a pro

Popular Twitter user @being_humor flawlessly fooled Pakistani ex-minister exposing how his IQ is perhaps even lower than Pakistan's GDP.

For all their machismo and psyops over Twitter, creating an atmosphere of being on war against India, Pakistani leaders seem to have a really tiny brain. It can be seen how this Twitter user flawlessly fooled him by tricking him into believing that he is on Pakistan’s side. Popular Twitter user @being_humor, and co-founder of satire website, The Fauxy, yesterday posted a few screenshots on Twitter.

Screenshot of Direct Messages between @being_humor and @senrehmanmalik (image: @being_humor)

In this image, it can be seen that in response to a tweet by Rehman Malik where he claimed that P. Chidambaram was arrested by the CBI and ED for ‘raising his voice against PM Modi’ against abrogation of Article 370. @being_humor sent Rehman Malik an image where he said that what Malik is saying about Chidambaram is correct. He even added that Chidambaram was being badly beaten up by the CBI in custody. He even shared an image with it. Rehman Malik then asked @being_humor for a verifiable proof and even promised anonymity for the same.

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Screenshot of Direct Messages between @being_humor and @senrehmanmalik (image: @being_humor)

More curious, he asked whether it is the CBI office and who is this man being beaten up. @being_humor replied that it is indeed Chidambaram being beaten up in CBI office. He even requested anonymity to appear genuine.

Screenshot of Direct Messages between @being_humor and @senrehmanmalik (image: @being_humor)

Soon enough, Malik fell for it. He asked for more pictures where it is more clearly visible that Chidambaram is being beaten up in custody. He even asked if he could get WhatsApp number of any of his family members.

Screenshot of Direct Messages between @being_humor and @senrehmanmalik (image: @being_humor)

@being_humor then said that he does not have contact details of Chidambaram’s family but urged him to tweet the picture and if anyone knows the contact details, they would send him. He even added that Malik posting the above image may control the ‘atrocity by police’ against Chidambaram. Rehman Malik then added that he will share the image with the United Nations.

@being_humor then very cheekily tweeted how Rehman Malik follows him on Twitter and even tipped off the United Nations that should they receive any such image from Rehman Malik claiming atrocities by the police against P Chidambaram, they shouldn’t take it seriously because it is a scene from a movie.

Ever since India abolished Article 370 from its constitution, Pakistani politicians including Pakistan PM Imran Khan are having a hard time digesting the fact that India has decidedly altered the status quo in Jammu and Kashmir. As a result, most of them are suffering from an extended mental collapse that is evident on their social media pages. While Senator Rehman Malik’s Twitter meltdown in last two days has been amusing to say the least, the above exchange was just cherry on the cake.

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