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‘Allah’s law above all’? Jamia Millia students group plans event calling Ayodhya verdict a farce, Ramrajya ‘oppressive’

A social media post by the 'Students of Jamia' equated the 'occupation' of Babri with the 'occupation' of the Masjid Al Aqsa at Jerusalem. It declared, "The justice is unattainable till the Flag of Tawheed and the Kalima of Allah dominates over all."

‘Students of Jamia’, an alleged students organisation in the Jamia Millia Islamia has been holding regular meetings and sharing contents that display a rather radical opinion towards the Ram Janmabhoomi verdict and calls for Muslims to politically organise to establish ‘rule by Allah’s law’.

The ‘Students of Jamia’ organisation has on its Facebook page, stated that it has a scheduled meeting at 4.40 PM Friday, December 6 at the Polytechnic lawn of the university titled “The Command of Allah Is Over Every Law”.

Students of Jamia

The event poster shared by the organisation’s Facebook page claims that “Babri Masjid is a Masjid and will remain so, lest we forget.”

Another poster shared by the organisation declares that ‘Law of Allah is above all else’ and also says ‘Babri Masjid will remain a Masjid’.

Students of Jamia

The ‘Students of Jamia’ Facebook page also shows that it has held regular events almost every Friday in the same lawn in the University premises.

The organisation has also shared posts openly declaring that they obey no law but the ‘Law of Allah’. One of their posts, shared on October 29 says “The whole world is divided on many basis. On the basis of colour, race, and above all nationality. People having love and enmity towards others on the basis of their race or their colour or which country one belongs to.”

It further says that belief in Allah is the best form of association, better than nationality or birth. It calls for all the believers of Allah to sympathise with the Palestinians on the basis of faith on Allah and hence treat the “Zionist state of Israel” as the enemy.

Students of Jamia

Another post, shared on 15 November, had called the organisation’s followers to remind them that whoever was disagreeing with them earlier will now wholeheartedly agree. The context was the Ayodhya verdict, declared on November 9. The post stated, “The courts and other institutions of this vicious system are all facades. Behind this is the dirty dark reality and we need to understand it before it unveils by itself. Because then it would be too late.”

Students Of Jamia

The post had re-shared their post form the previous year, on December 6, 2018, the anniversary of the Babri Mosque demolition.

The 2018 post, shared on the Babri demolition day, had declared that from 1948, India had seen ‘Brahmanical rule’ and the rule speaks of ‘oppression, and injustice’. It further stated that the fall of Babri was the symbolic representation of the ‘fall of Ummah’ (The rule of Muslims as an entire global community).

It stated that ‘Ramrajya’ is nothing but the flag of ‘shirk'(oppression), and the Babri demolition was the fall of the flag of ‘Tauheed'(justice).

“Those claiming the leadership of Muslims and giving a fake hope that the matter will be solved through Supreme Court or any laws being written by bunch of people for self-class benefits (whose legitimacy has never been accepted by all of them), should know that the Artificial laws, powers, people and courts will change and vanish but the reality of Mosque being a Mosque will remain till Qiyamah”, it stated.

The post also equated the ‘occupation’ of Babri with the ‘occupation’ of the Masjid Al Aqsa at Jerusalem. It declared, “The justice is unattainable till the Flag of Tawheed and the Kalima of Allah dominates over all.”

Students Of Jamia

It is notable here that some students of the University, under the condition of anonymity, have stated that the organisation holds regular meetings inside the campus, and in one of the ‘freshers meet’ events organised by the group, two professors of Jamia Milia Islamia were invited as guest speakers. The Facebook page had listed Prof Muhammad Rafat and Asst Prof Abrar Ahmed as the speakers.

The students stated that the group carries out its activities and meetings unabated and with complete awareness of the university administration. Their statements often call for the subversion of Indian identity and embracing of the Muslim identity. They had also reportedly held events where they had declared support for Palestine and condemned Israel.

An October 4 post shared by the group condemns an Israel-sponsored event at the Faculty of Architecture and says that allowing any event by Israel is against the founding principles of the university.

The students also added that though the university has a rule that forbids events organised on campus lawn without express permission from the administration, this particular group ‘Students of Jamia’ have been holding meets almost every Friday.

When OpIndia tried reaching out to the Public Relations Officer of Jamia Millia Islamia, Mr Ahmed Azeem, we were told that he was not aware of any such event being held at that time, and he will talk to the proctor first about it and let us know after that. He added the university does not sanction its premises to be used for political purposes, and stated that any student group’s event too, has to first seek permission from the university proctor before using any lawn or ground inside the premises.

The deputy proctor of the university, Mr SM Mahmood, told us that the event was indeed planned at 4.30 pm today but the university is not allowing it as they have not sought prior permission. He also added that though ‘there is no ban on events’, the event has to be held at a designated place and seeking prior mermission is mandatory. He also confirmed that he had seen two posters of today’s events on Facebook but no permission was sought. After that the PRO Ahmed Azeem also asserted the same.

A look at the Facebook page of the students group tells that they have indeed been holding meets almost every week to discuss various issues from an Islamic point of view. Here are some of the posters shared by the group on the agenda of their past meetings.

Students of Jamia past meetings

One of the posters calls for fellow Muslim students to “be the Salahuddin of today” and calls for the “Liberation of Al-Quds (Islamic name for Jerusalem). Another poster titled “Who deserves to be your lawmaker?” declares that “Rulings belong to none but Allah”.

Even though the authorities claimed that the event was not allowed to be held, students who wish to stay anonymous are saying that the event did take place.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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