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‘Sanghis cannot be friends’: Read how students and teachers of Azim Premji University led a mob against a Hindu student, accusing him of Islamophobia...

Trial by social media has already judged that Azim Premji University student Rishi Tiwari is an Islamophobe because he is a 'Sanghi' and called for boycott against anyone who sided by him.

Bengaluru: Hindu student says Azim Premji University suspended him after targeted harassment and false accusations by Islamists and Leftists

After May 2, Tiwari was suspended indefinitely from classes and hostels with immediate effect. Tiwari hails from Ballan village of Banda district of Uttar Pradesh.

Watch: Ex-TMC student leader heckles and harasses Vice-Chancellor of Aliah University, arrested after video goes viral

The former TMC student leader was formerly the president of the TMC-controlled students' union.

Hijab row: College in Madhya Pradesh issues order asking students not to wear any religion-specific clothing inside campus

A PG govt college in Madhya Pradesh has restricted "religion-specific attire," like the hijab, on campus.

From SIMI to Popular Front of India: Islamic radicalisation in college campuses has been going on for decades

Popular Front of India, which is now leading the fresh wave of radicalisation in the country, is considered a resurrection of the banned outfit Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI).

The govt of a secular democracy is not obligated to follow Islamic practices, if Islam takes precedence over education, the students should go to...

No one disputes the right to wear a hijab or a burqa at a Madrassa, but wearing them in a public school, where pupils from various socioeconomic backgrounds and religions study in the same room, is not justifiable.

Students wearing hijab to be given separate rooms, no entry in regular classroom: Karnataka College’s decision

The Muslim girls have been demanding the right to wear hijab inside classroom, in violation of the college's uniform rule.

FIR filed against JNU students for vandalising and illegally occupying library, NSUI says “Sanghi administration” keeping it closed

FIR filed against JNU students for illegally occupying B. R. Ambedkar Library after vandalising it demanding its reopening

Two from Manipur Students Association Delhi arrested by Police for calling Brahmins ‘b*stards’, released on bail

The MSAD had alleged that Sanskrit was being introduced in schools and colleges in the interests of certain groups.

Mass Promotions of students due to Coronavirus lockdown: How an ‘Easy way out’ can tun into a “Way out”

The carrot of promotion which is being dangled in front of students to gain political momentum effectively divides students into two classes

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