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Pakistan: Provincial govt withdraws cases against 350 accused in the Krishna temple demolition case claiming Hindus have ‘pardoned’ them

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa govt in Pakistan claimed that accused in Hindu temple burning case were pardoned by Hindu groups

Sivas Massacre: When radical Islamists burnt 35 Alevi intellectuals alive in Turkey 28 years ago

In Sivas Massacre on June 2 1993, radical Islamists had attacked a gathering of Alevis in Turkey and burnt the venue with people trapped inside

‘ISIS wants doctors and engineers, hence recruits from Kerala because people are educated’: Outgoing DGP

The Kerala DGP informed that the State constituted ATS to keep an eye on vulnerable individuals, provide counselling and track those who planning to join ISIS.

UP conversion racket: Umar Gautam, Qasmi had received Rs 2 crores from UK, ATS tracking illegal foreign funding

“Evidences show violation of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), which is being probed. ED is also looking into it,” said an officer.

Maulana Hafiz Raza who declared Rs 1 crore reward for beheading Hindu activist Swami Darshan Bharti arrested by UP police

Hafiz Faizan Raza is the head of a local madarsa in Bareilly and is also the national president of an organisation called "Sarva Samaj Sangathan".

NCPCR takes cognisance of OpIndia’s report on Fatehpur teacher’s revelations of mass conversion racket spearheaded by Umar Gautam

OpIndia reported the startling revelations made by the Fatehpur teacher about the mass conversion racket spearheaded by Umar Gautam.

Islamists defend Mohd Umar Gautam, who was running ISI-funded conversion racket targeting differently-abled children and women

Umar Gautam, who is a convert himself, had earlier revealed that he would convert around 250-300 people every year.

Fatehpur: Teacher says conversion racket leaders regularly visit her school to convert Hindus, made the school teach Namaz to non-Muslim toddlers

Fatehpur Teacher says kindergarten students are being taught Urdu, Arabic and Namaz on instructions of conversation racket leader

UP mass conversion: How Darsh Saxena, Rajeshwari and Priyanka became Mohd Rehaan Ansari, Razia and Fatima, more details emerge

More stories of religious conversion to Islam emerge as Uttar Pradesh ATS investigation intensifies.

Md Umar and Jahangir Qasmi wanted to use converted, brainwashed differently abled children as human bombs: Report

The Jeddah chapter of the Aligarh Muslim University in 2018 had felicitated Mohammad Umar Gautam with an award for propagating Islam.

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