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Pulasthini was born in a middle-class Hindu family in Sri Lanka and was allegedly abducted, converted to Islam and radicalised by Islamists groups
All over the world, the terrorist attacks by radical Islamists is immediately served with long and extensive excuses about how social ills, discrimination, poverty, hardships, and atrocities lead to terrorism.
The Sri Lankan government had yesterday stated that a domestic terror outfit the National Thowheed Jama'ath is responsible for the attacks.
Senator Fraser Anning has stated that the violent ideology professed by Muslims has killed thousands of people world over in the name of their religion.
Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, Federal Minister for Pakistani Railways, commented that should anyone look at Pakistan in a negative manner, then "the eyes will be ripped out, the grass will not grow, the birds will not chirp and the bells won't toll in Temples."
Ignoring the threat of domestic radicalization and international terrorism won’t make it go away.
In February 2018, too, the Jharkhand government had banned the PFI but Jharkhand HC revoked the ban
PMK leader Ramalingam had argued with a group of Muslim preachers, later he was assaulted by unidentified men and his hands were chopped off.
Maharashtra ATS has arrested 9 persons on suspected links with ISIS and has seized various chemicals, hard drives, mobile phones and SIM cards.
Zakir Naik reportedly used the funds to the tune of Rs 17.65 crore to buy properties in projects like Fatima Heights and Aafiyah Heights in Mumbai, ENGRACIA in Pune and also a venture at Bhandup, Mumbai.
Since Thursday, this is the second incident of abduction and killing in the district
Rekha Sharma said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan was like "an ostrich who is keeping his head buried in the sand."
A regular feature in all of Houellebecq's books is a narrator who is non-religious and has an extremely pessimistic view of the world
The youth is suspected to have been in touch with a Muslim woman online .
NIA had registered a case against Naik in 2016. He has been staying in Malaysia.
And till we have a better world, we need a Hindu nation here in India. Equal rights for Hindus in India would be a good beginning.
The report says that the states of Jammu and Kashmir, the northeast Indian states, and parts of central India are the most affected by terrorism.
This is not the first time celebrities have been trolled by fundamentalists on social media.
Muslims, a small minority, but significant number are susceptible to join the ranks of the terror outfit
According to Indonesia's law, any person who deliberately abuses a religion in public may be sentenced to up to five years in prison.
This is not the first time that the Islamic terrorists in Kashmir have attacked BJP leaders
A wrong statement attributed to Vajpayee, which he had denied 16 years ago, was republished.
The Rohingya Muslims may be used by anti-national forces to create security issues in the country
A total of 12 accused have been arrested in connection with this matter
Earlier it was reported that all Chinese mosques had been asked to hoist the national flag
She has also accused her classmates of forcing her to wear head-scarf and observe fast during Ramzan.
The father though expressed relief that she wasn't stoned for this act

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