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AltNews co-founder displays her ignorance, maligns JV Sadhguru even though two out of his three claims about breastmilk are scientifically proven

Although there is no evidence that mothers of opposite-sex twins produce different types of milk from each breast, it is proven that breast milk quality changes depending on gender of child and need of the child at different times and situations

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Ever since Sadhguru JV conveyed his express support for PM Modi and his government’s formulated policies, he has been at the receiving end of unmitigated liberal scorn. Unsparing attacks that are mostly hit-jobs against him have become a regular feature. He is routinely targeted by the liberals to undermine his credibility and prove him to be a charlatan beguiling people.

Recently, Sadhguru came under attack from assorted liberals who tried to run him down for his opinion on the variation in the mother’s milk depending on the gender of the baby. In an event, Sadhguru can be heard saying that the quality of mother’s milk differs depending on whether the child is male or female. He also claimed that a mother produces different “types of milk” from each breast if she gives birth to opposite-sex twins.

The attack was unleashed against the spiritual guru after a Twitter page named ‘Indian Atheists’ shared the video in which Sadhguru talked about the gender-based change in mother’s milk.

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Soon, the video went viral as many folks started sharing the clip. Alt-News cofounder Sam Jawed took a swipe at Sadhguru by saying that her intelligence got hurt after watching the video shared by Indian Atheists. Jawed essentially implied that Sadhguru’s assertions regarding dynamic changes in the mother’s breast milk are vacuous and holds no scientific grounds.

Another Twitter user named ‘Punster’ too derided Sadhguru for his views expressed in the video. “Sadhguru JV says, a mother’s breast produces different kinds of milk depending upon whether the baby is a boy or girl. If they’re twins (one boy, one girl) each breast produces a different kind of milk. Sadhguru JV has so much ‘Gyan’ that he thinks he’s a ‘gynaecologist,” he tweeted.

The video was also shared by the official Twitter handle of All India Mahila Congress, asking why spiritual godmen keep making utterly absurd points around biological processes concerning a female body.

In the video, Sadhguru has essentially made three claims. The first one is about the mother’s milk adjusting itself for the child. In his second claim, Sadhguru says that the type of mother’s breast milk is different for male and female children. The third claim is that in case twin children of opposite sexes, each breast of the mother produces different kinds of milk, one for male and the other for the female child.

However, the detractors have exhibited remarkable alacrity in ridiculing Sadhguru without checking the scientific validity of the individual claims made by him. Although the third claim made by Sadhguru is not sufficiently backed by evidence and also seems improbable, the other two claims are proven by science.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that the breast milk of mothers changes as per the needs of the baby. The breast milk undergoes a tremendous change after the baby is born, not only in composition and amount but also in colour and viscosity. The changes in the milk depend upon the mother’s intake, ailment, the timing of the day and the frequency of feeding. Studies show that the number of infection-fighting cells increase when the child is ill, even when the mother was healthy. According to researchers, the mother’s body gets information about the health of a child through their saliva during feeding, and based on that information the composition of the milk is changed.

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The milk composition also changes with the passage of time, as the need of the child keeps changing as time progresses. The breastmilk undergo changes even during each feeding session, as the composition of milk during the beginning of feeding differ from milk during later stages. Therefore, the first claim of Sadhguru that breastmilk changes with the changing needs of children is true.

Similarly, tests on mothers’ milk in both monkeys and humans have showed that milk made for female and male babies is consistently different.

According to a study done by researchers at Michigan State University and other institutions found that milk composition changes depending on the infant’s gender and on whether conditions are good or bad. In an experiment done on 72 women in rural Kenya, mothers with son gave richer milk as compared to mothers with daughters. The findings, which is published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, conclusively proved that mother’s milk change based on the infant’s gender.

In another study done by Prof. Katie Hinde, an evolutionary biologist at Harvard University, the findings revealed that mothers among rhesus monkeys produced milk with 35 per cent more fat and protein for male babies, and even richer milk when the male was first-born. The study also showed that when the mother fed female babies, the milk produced had lesser contents of fats but a higher proportion of calcium, perhaps to aid the quicker growth of their skeletons. It also disclosed that the mothers produced more amount of milk overall for females and the females received the same amount of fats as males throughout their breastfeeding.

Hence the second claim of Sadhguru is also true, that the breastmilk composition changes on the basis of gender of the child.

There is no conclusive scientific study that substantiates Sadhguru’s claim that the mother’s breast milk in the case of twins can be different in different breasts depending on the needs of each twin. However, according to Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics and Political Science and his colleague Nancy Segal at California State University, Fullerton, who studied milk produced for opposite sex (OS) twins, claimed that mothers of opposite-sex twins would be in a biological crisis, as they could not simultaneously produce milk attuned for a boy and a girl. Satoshi claimed that milk can be tailored only for either of the two sex. The research illustrated that the same-sex (SS) twins were taller and bigger than opposite sex breastfed twins.

Despite the above researches reasonably vindicating Sadhguru on his twp claims out of three regarding the changes in mother’s breast milk, liberals continued to mock him without examining the veracity of the claims made by him. Sadhguru’s pro-Hindu stands and his latest support for CAA were reasons enough to raise liberals’ hackles, prompting them to double-down their efforts in smearing his credibility and besmirching his reputation without bothering to ascertain the enduring scientific research in this domain.

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