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Why are some journalists so eager to defend Rahul Gandhi when questions are asked to him: Babita Phogat takes jibes at Congress’ love for China

"The questions are being asked to Rahul Gandhi. but some particular journalists are coming to answer for him and defend. Is it because brother Rahul Gandhiji does not know how to answer a question?", asked Babita Phogat.

While the standoff at the LAC with Chinese troops has stirred up a diplomatic puddle between India and China, there is also a fierce rhetoric playing on the social media between the ruling party and the opposition. Meanwhile, wrestling champion Babita Phogat lashed out at the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over his alleged ‘love for China’.

She wrote on her Twitter account, “One thing I want to ask Rahul Gandhi. Is he inclined towards India or China? Nowadays his love for China overflowing. Does he have no faith in India?”

Phogat had hinted at the Congress party’s strange fixation with China.

Reacting to this, Congress’s Media coordinator Radhika Kheda wrote, “One thing to ask you too. Do you worry about the security of the country or Modiji’s failure?”

On this, Babita Phogat replied saying, “Tell Rahul Gandhi Ji that this is new Hindustan, one that enters and kills inside the premises of enemy. We have faith in our leadership and military. Please explain this to Rahul Ji that excessive use of sugar is bad for health. Congress seems to be terrified of Modiji that is why they are resorting to China to gain political mileage?”

After this, the Print’s Zainab Sikandar replied to Phogat, “Phogat madam, first understand the meaning of nationalism. The nation is India, not the BJP. And reduce the dialogues. This is not an Aamir Khan film. It is a matter of foreign policy.”

The BJP leader replied to her, ” If love for China is nationalism then I congratulate Congress on that. Complimenting the enemy country and speaking bad for own country. Such foreign policy can be a strategy for Congress only. The leadership of the country is in strong hands and we are proud of the army of the country. Rest, the film was made when the tricolor was raised.”

When Babita continued to question Congress and Rahul Gandhi, another journalist, Prashant Kanuajia entered the discussion and questioned Babita’s film ‘Dangal’ that was a super hit in China. Babita replied, “I have earned something for the country. Unlike you who tarnish the image of the country. I have upheld the glory of India even while in China. What to do with a journalist like you who is sold in the hands of the Congress.”

It is notable here that most ‘liberals’ and Congress leaders often try to peddle the narrative that it was Aamir Khan’s movie ‘Dangal’ that made the Phogat sisters ‘famous’. While the reality is that the movie was based on the Phogat sisters’ achievements and their stellar contribution to Indian sports.

Noting that so many defenders of Rahul Gandhi have jumped to question and attack her, Babita Phogat wrote, “The questions are being asked to Rahul Gandhi. but some particular journalists are coming to answer. Is it because brother Rahul Gandhiji does not know how to answer a question? There can be no compromise with the honor and self-respect of the country. Congress should understand this very well. The love for China and Pakistan will destroy the Congress party one day.”

Babita used the Hindi term ‘Pattalkaar’, a jibe at dishonest journalists who compromise with the ethics of their profession for favours and monetary gain.

Rahul Gandhi and China

The Gandhi-scion, not once but twice, was caught meeting Chinese officials, raising suspicion among the policymakers regarding the intent of his secretive meeting with the Chinese.

The first meeting had taken place in 2017, when Rahul Gandhi had a meeting with Chinese Ambassador to India Luo Zhaohui, especially at a time when India and China were in the middle of a stand-off at Doklam. At first, the Congress party had denied such meetings and had termed news reports suggesting that the Gandhi-scion had indeed met Chinese officials as ‘fake news’.

Again in 2018, Rahul Gandhi had himself revealed regarding the secret meeting with a couple of Chinese ministers during his trip to Kailash Mansarovar in September 2018. The meeting was kept secret initially but later Rahul Gandhi had revealed the details of the meeting accidentally leading to people to speculate even more as to why both the Congress party and China were trying to hide the meeting.

It is notable that Wrestling champion Babita Phogat had joined the BJP last year before the Haryana assembly elections. She had contested elections from the Dadri assembly and had lost.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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