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The fake equivalence communists are trying to manufacture between Blacks of America and Muslims of India

The glee of India-haters who want to spread the violence borrowed from the US in India, which happens to be another large democracy, exposes the fallacy of their design.

The United States is reeling under the huge waves of violent, after the disastrous brush with the COVID Pandemic which emanated out of Wuhan in China, leaving a Hundred Thousand dead in the Land of the Free. The unfortunate part is that the United States, far away from the core of the communism, and for decades, being locked away behind the Iron Curtain, had little understanding of the Leftist evil which India has been struggling with since Independence, while the west pontificated in ignorance. In a speech by the writer of Indian Constitution, Dr B. R. Ambedkar, made on 25th of November, 1949, barely one year into India’s independence; had he spoken of the danger posed by the Leftists to a democracy ironically under the garb of defence of democracy. Vested interests in Indian politics, the Congress which aligned with the Left to a point where it no longer is distinguishable from the other, have worked overtime to keep these important insights of one of the greatest thinker of Independent India hidden from the people as they tried to weaponise the anger of Hindu Dalits. Ambedkar had said,

The condemnation of the Constitution largely comes from two quarters, the Communist Party and the Socialist Party. Why do they condemn the Constitution? Is it because it is really a bad Constitution? I venture to say ‘no’. The Communist Party want a Constitution based upon the principle of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. They condemn the Constitution because it is based upon parliamentary democracy. The Socialists want two things. The first thing they want is that if they come in power, the Constitution must give them the freedom to nationalize or socialize all private property without payment of compensation. The second thing that the Socialists want is that the Fundamental Rights mentioned in the Constitution must be absolute and without any limitations so that if their Party fails to come into power, they would have the unfettered freedom not merely to criticize, but also to overthrow the State.”

It takes someone of Ambedkar’s insight and intellect to call out the lies of the Communists. American Blacks are similar to Hindu Dalits for the Communists, who look at them as expendable foot soldiers, meant to help them as Ambedkar mentions having unfettered freedom to overthrow the State, if they fail to come to power (in India as in the US),. The Islamists in India and presumably too have jumped into it. Their goals are identical- to overthrow the democratic government. There is nothing common between the leftists and the Islamists except a cruel fanaticism centred on their ideology. The alignment between the two is built on the scheme of mutual conspiracy and bilateral distrust. We have seen this out in open during the anti-CAA protests.  Communism offers a secular political cover to the fanatic religious designs of the Islamists, and Islamist provide an unending source of expendable and unyielding foot soldiers which hate everyone except only those of their own religion who are equally orthodox, anachronistic and supremacist. 

The glee of India-haters who want to spread the violence borrowed from the US in India, which happens to be another large democracy, exposes the fallacy of their design. They try to invent some sort of equivalence between the Blacks who have been kept out of power all along (almost till as late as 1968) with the Muslims who have at least Fifty nations (Refer Pew Research Center report) across the world which is totally run as per Islamic religious rules, where the Non-Muslims are pushed to irrelevant and inconsequential existence of second-grade citizens. Is it not amusing that this effort to eat into the historical pain of the blacks of the US comes from Muslims who run at least 50 nations globally as per their religious laws, and who represent the second-largest religion in the world (next only to 2.3 billion under Christianity with 1.9 Billion Muslims). So disingenuous that the religion which overwhelms the Earth and is known for unorthodox views of governance whenever in power, raises claims of victimhood, through the connivance of articulate communication devices and propaganda machinery of the Communist powers.          

The Communism of 21stcentury is headquartered in China. It is Chinese communism and their ambition to become Global centre of unipolar politics which is at display in the US during these recent riots. Democrats in the US, Labor in the UK and the Congress in India- are the different faces of the same animal, which is deceptive, greedy and over-ambitious supremacist, but which poses as liberal. Like a witch, it rides whichever broom it finds next to it. There are propaganda schemes of the Communists like Thousand Talent scheme in the US run by China which ensures that dishonest intellectuals are hired at one end to burn the light of intellectual nonsense so bright that the ugly darkness of violence at the other end is no longer visible to a neutral observer. The country with the unhealthy ambition of becoming Global superpower like China is unlikely to not have such resources planted in the territory of their nearest competitor.

In India, what is termed now as Urban Naxals were arrested and many are now narrating the academic excellence of those arrested as a proof of their innocence and also to prove to the world that India is undemocratic to have allowed the law pursue these violence-baiters? These Naxal sympathisers will keep it hidden from India that US Scientist from Harvard University, Charles M Lieber (also tipped to be in the running for a Nobel) was arrested by FBI from the campus in Handcuffs (imagine someone getting arrested from a JNU) couple of months back. Administration of Harvard, instead of organizing open letters, placed Dr Lieber on indefinite Administrative Leave. The witch in the US rides the broom of black discontent and those who fooled themselves believing in the leftist dream of Anarchy did not know when the fire grew too close. The fire is blind and the Mob is mad.  

We in India, have seen Gene Sharp’s theory at work ever since the Narendra Modi government came to power. The opposition realizing the difficulty in being back at power started working on these international theories, diligently and cynically. If fake news of the removal of reservation policies and raising insecurities on Land Acquisition Bill was a preliminary test of creating a cycle of violence using propaganda, CAA protest starting and ending with mass, multi-city riots was the high point of this agenda. The Blacks in America are the same foot soldiers for the Leftists as the Muslims and Dalits in India are, who feel much and know little. The only catch is that Muslims of India are in no way identifiable with the Blacks in the US in terms of History and influence. As explained earlier, in Global terms, the second largest religion cannot claim to be a victim on a broad global level. This tendency to hook on to the legitimate fears and insecurity of the American Blacks in a dishonest attempt to ride the wave of genuine discontent to establish religious supremacy.

While CAA Protests, with a mix of Violence and Non-violent protests, were a text-book case of Gene Sharp theory; its failure came with the Delhi Riots when it culminated in such sad display of violence, equally resisted by the Hindus (much like Punjab and Bihar response to Direct Action Day in 1946) that the nation turned away from it in disgust. 

Looking at the plight of blacks who did not arrive waving swords in the US like the Muslims in India. Rather the first slaves arrived in the US in 1619, shackled in chains like domestic animals. A law passed in 1662 by Virginia State notified that all children of Black mothers, irrespective of the race of the father, will remain slaves. A law passed in 1669 ensured that Slaves who converted to Christianity remained slaves. Carolina passed 57 statutes to keep the Slaves under discipline and order. Slaves were routinely lynched and the cruel act was even legal. The term ‘Lynching’ used so loosely by Indian leftists and Islamist supremacist to create waves in the western world actually came from America. The term supposedly came from Virginia’s Charles Lynch who authorized extra-judicial killing of Negroes under Lynch’s Law of 1782. Between 1881 and 1968, in the US, 4,743 people were lynched, 3,446 of them being blacks. To internationalize stray incidents, Islamist intellectuals have been attempting to draw an equivalence between India Muslims and Blacks in America. 

When the Negroes in America were facing all the atrocities mentioned about in 17th centuries, what were Indian Muslims doing? It was the period of Aurangzeb’s rule. In 1679, he imposed Jaziya on Hindus of India, which rendered all Hindus to the state of second class citizens, where they had to pay special taxes to be allowed to pursue their faith. Businesses were too segregated with Hindus having to pay twice the duty on imports than Muslim businessmen. Restrictions were imposed on Hindu festivals. All Hindus, except Rajputs, were not allowed to travel in a carriage (unlike the Muslims). The court which ran as per Persian rules even after centuries of Mughal rule in India had little room for Hindus. If anyone should be asking for reparations, it should be the Hindus after centuries of oppression and disenfranchisement.  

When the Courts turned English, both Hindus and Muslims were suddenly disadvantaged, still, the room to learn English ways were open to both. It is only a matter of irrationally snobbish arrogance that only one of the two community decided to avail of the opportunities available to it under the British. This obstinacy to keep themselves isolated from the society around them, in spite of having better resources and options to assimilate in the mainstream than the Hindus, do not make Muslims equal to the Blacks in the US. As Indians, it is important to call out these attempts to ride on the American riots to create violence back home with pumped-up fake equivalence. There is something utterly mendacious about attempts to manufacture a history of oppression by the oppressors only to once again subjugate the race freed after centuries of oppression. The Communists want to implement Communist code and the Islamist, Shariah- And both want to use the freedom offered under democracy to circumvent democracy. 

It is strange that those who constituted almost 95% of the royal Mughal courts at the time when the Blacks of America were pushed into an animal-like existence with zero citizen rights, want to superimpose the sad history of American blacks on their fake victimhood, to push back a secular and tolerant faith in the land of its origin. Never have they faced the injustice of being treated as three-Fifth of the individuals belonging to other faiths. If at all anyone faced the fate similar to the Negroes of America, it was only the Hindus under the Islamic rule. This mischievous leftist plan to establish the supremacy of one religion which has always been advantaged is being attempted under the garb of secularism and democracy. No one has explained this better than Dr Ambedkar whom I have quoted at the start of this article. It is pertinent that we, in India, while remaining in solidarity with the coloured people of America, remain vigilant to the nefarious designs of left-loonies and Islamist supremacists.     

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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Saket Suryesh
Saket Suryesh
A technology worker, writer and poet, and a concerned Indian. Writer, Columnist, Satirist. Published Author of Collection of Hindi Short-stories 'Ek Swar, Sahasra Pratidhwaniyaan' and English translation of Autobiography of Noted Freedom Fighter, Ram Prasad Bismil, The Revolutionary. Interested in Current Affairs, Politics and History of Bharat.

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