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While puppet CM of Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan Alyani touts the Gwadar marine drive, here is the truth

Because of the fears and suppression, they have decided to sacrifice their lives to send a message to the world that we are the only people who are fighting against the Islamic regime of Pakistan and along with that they are also standing in front of Chinese Dragon.

On 12th of July 2020, the puppet chief minister of Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan Alyani in a Tweet posted three pictures of Gwadar Marine Drive claiming that “ #Gwader marine drive after completion of road, streetlights, parks and floodlights on the beach.” After his tweet, the Baloch social media activists responded to that tweet and exposed the blatant lies of puppet CM and shared the other side of the story. The side which is always hidden in the Pakistani media and no one dares to talk about that because talking about the truth of Pakistani and Chinese expansionists design in occupied Balochistan is dangerous and life-threatening.

The Baloch social media activists shared the pictures of the locals of Gwadar who are deprived of drinking water and other basic necessities of life. Gwadar is claimed to be the hub of the billion dollars China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, the city which not only covers the long coastal belt of Balochistan but it also has a long trading gateway throughout the region and world. But the dissidents of the district Gwadar are deprived of basic needs of life such as Water, Food, Electricity and employment. 

Pakistan and China have been using their armed forces to continue the project which is known as the “Project of Death and Destruction” for the local people of Gwadar and Balochistan. According to many international media outlets, China is planning to occupy the Gwadar Port and the whole city to use this port and sea zone as one of China’s military bases to become the next superpower of the region and to ensure that region is under the control of China. On the other hand, the people of Gwadar and Balochistan have been protesting and resisting China’s involvement in Gwadar and they demanded that China should stop all their investments in Balochistan. 

Since both China and Pakistan have a record of disrespecting and disregarding the human rights of indigenous people and butchering those people who stand up against their expansionist designs. The Baloch armed group have decided to take the war against China and Pakistan into a next level and they include suicide attacks “Fidayeen” in their latest strategy to stop the deadly Chinese investments in Balochistan. 

The latest example of such attacks from Baloch armed groups is the attack on Pakistan stock exchange in Karachi. The Baloch armed group (BLA) not only managed to attack the KSE, but they have also highlighted their anger and they have sent a message to China and Pakistan that until and unless the Balochistan is free from occupation, no one is allowed to be part of the plundering Balochistan’s wealth and resources in the name of development or any other projects. After the attack on KSE, many false claims came from Pakistan and their master China that the attack was planned and logistically supported by India and they were cleverly running their side of the story into the media and in front of the people and world, until the attack was claimed by a well known Baloch militant group Baloch Liberation Amry, the group which was also involved in attacking Chinese consulate in Karachi and Gwadar PC hotel and carrying out a suicide attack on Chinese engineers in Dalbandin, Balochistan couple of years back.

The current pictures of Gwadar which were shared by the Puppet chief minister of Balochistan are nothing but face-saving measures for the Pakistani establishment to ensure China that their interests are saved and development projects are still continuing despite such attacks. Many Pakistani intellectuals and analysts believe that China is lacking trust on Pakistani security forces and the military leadership. They are now demanding full proof of security and stability in the region of Chinese interests. In contrast to what Pakistani state is promising to China, the continued attacks of Baloch armed groups on Chinese interests in and outside Balochistan are not only building pressure on Chinese regime but it is also making it impossible for China to continue their billion-dollar projects. 

That is why Pakistani state has now once again started the policy of collective punishment in Balochistan and they are raiding the houses of Baloch social and political activists abducting and torturing their families and in some cases even killing them in cold blood.

The Pakistani state who does not give access to internet services to the people of Gwadar and other Balochistan are still in shock that how the Baloch people are managing to tell the world about the facts and the ground realities. Just like any other occupier, the Pakistani state with the help of the Chinese regime has forgotten that it is impossible to control the people with force and oppression. This might work for some years or in some cases may be for some decades but not forever. Today the youth of Balochistan are not only educated but they also have an understanding of their rights and they are well aware of their enemies and their suppressive ideas. That is why the youth of Balochistan are on the streets of Balochistan on a daily basis and demanding their basic rights and protesting against any form of human rights violations this includes abductions, kill and dump, military operations, state-backed death squads and the roaming free in Balochistan. On the other hand Pakistani state and their media houses are continuously propagating against these innocent and peaceful protestors and the family members of Baloch Missing Persons and calling them traitors.

In this crucial time, it is the responsibility of the civilised world that they should intervene in Balochistan and make sure that no more voices of Baloch are being brutally attacked and suppressed or the Baloch youth are forced to take extreme actions because the government of Pakistan and the military establishment has always treated Balochistan as their colony and now with the help of China the Baloch nation is living in a fear of losing their lands and turning to a minority in their own historical motherland.

Because of the fears and suppression, they have decided to sacrifice their lives to send a message to the world that we are the only people who are fighting against the Islamic regime of Pakistan and along with that they are also standing in front of Chinese Dragon. 

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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Hakeem Baloch
Hakeem Baloch
President of Baloch National Movement UK Zone. Freelance journalist. Studying Media Production.

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