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Hakeem Baloch

President of Baloch National Movement UK Zone. Freelance journalist. Studying Media Production.

Baloch women protest on the streets of Gwadar against Pakistan oppression and China’s CPEC: Read details

On November 29th the streets of Gwadar were loaded with thousands of Baloch women protesting against Pakistan and CPEC

Understanding Balochistan: Pakistan’s occupation in the name of Islam, their ‘kill and dump’ policy and Baloch people’s resistance

The Baloch nation has been opposing Pakistani rule in Balochistan since March 27, 1948 - Balochistan leaders have termed it a 'forceful occupation'

Read about Gwadar, CPEC, the high-handedness of the Pakistani forces and the resistance against it by the Baloch people

Gwadar, a small fishing town in Balochistan, hosts a natural deep seaport along the Gulf of Oman and the current host of CPEC

Balochistan: How Pakistani forces killed two little children in Hoshab, tried silencing protesting parents as the world watches on

On October 10th, frontier corps killed two Baloch minors, injured another by firing mortar shots in Hoshab area of Balochistan

Hayat Baloch: Dragged and murdered by the Pakistani establishment, with 8 bullets fired point black

Since the brutal murder of Hayat Mirza, Baloch people have been protesting across Balochistan and demanding justice for Hayat Baloch.

Eid in Balochistan: Another Eid and another protest by Baloch people seeking release of their loved ones abducted by Pakistani military

For the last 10 years on every Eid, families of Baloch missing persons have been protesting on the first days of Eid seeking their return

While puppet CM of Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan Alyani touts the Gwadar marine drive, here is the truth

On 12th of July 2020, the puppet chief minister of Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan Alyani in a Tweet posted three pictures of Gwadar Marine Drive claiming that “ #Gwader marine drive after completion of road, streetlights, parks and floodlights on the beach.”

Justice for Bramsh Baloch: An Echo Of Revolution

The current incident of Bramsh Baloch has not only exposed the relation of Pakistani state with the burglars, killers, death squad members, but it also unveiled the hidden dirty faces of Parliamentarians

Abduction and false charges against Balochistan women will strengthen the Baloch resistance movement

On the 29th of November, news broke out from the war-torn region of Awaran Balochistan, that Pakistani paramilitary forces have forcefully abducted two Baloch women along with their male family members.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a death and destruction project, Baloch people won’t let it be completed

CPEC is not an issue of prime time anymore nor it is going to be completed anytime soon

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