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‘Feminists’ and ‘liberals’ will #BelieveHer until one of their own is accused of sexual assault

Such kind of defence always comes with a disclaimer that 'I am all for believing the women', except the one who accuses my friend.

At the height of #MeToo movement, when allegations of sexual abuse were levelled against the men in the media and entertainment industry, including a BJP minister, the crusaders of women’s rights held the men guilty and believed the women who had put up the allegations. This even when most of the women had no proof. And rightly so. Many times, mostly men are in such position of power that sexual abuse takes place and women are quite often the victims.

So people across political ideologies believed ‘her’. The women who were levelling the allegations. There were some who defended the accused, but most women showed solidarity with the victims. Those who were defending the accused were shamed by the ‘feminists’ into ‘believing her’.

Except now when the film industry’s blue-eyed boy, Anurag Kashyap is accused of sexual assault, it has suddenly made out to be ‘vendetta’ and a ‘propaganda’ by the BJP because Kashyap hates PM Modi. As if of all the haters PM Modi has, and he has way too many as can be seen, he has time and energy to concentrate on only this one fellow. There are people who take themselves too seriously and then there are Anurag Kashyaps who think PM Modi’s world revolves around him.

And then there has been a concentrated effort by his allies to vilify the victim. Under normal circumstances, law must take its course but for Kashyap, he became the ‘biggest’ feminist and the actress who had levelled allegations against him became a ‘small time actress‘. And hence, how can a ‘feminist’ sexually assault someone? Well, they very well can and Left will always side with one of their own.

Months after the brutal rape and murder case in Kathua, a JNU student had alleged that the lawyer who had shot to prominence for defending the victim had sexually assaulted her. The student had alleged that all the while when the lawyer was forcing himself on her, he was saying that he will do ‘Nikaah’ with her. She had said she did not speak up about the abuse due to apprehensions that such shocking revelations about a ‘hero’ could jeopardise the Kathua child rape-and-murder case. So you see, she stayed quiet for the ‘greater good’. Here one can see even the victim of sexual abuse siding with her abuser.

In the current case, the same women, who were at the forefront of #BelieveHer, meaning that no matter how mighty and powerful the accused is, believe the woman if she says she has been sexually abused, are now questioning the victim.

Some even have the way Payal Ghosh decided to come out with her allegations.

Suddenly whatever Ghosh has said has become ‘baseless’ about the other women. The Asian Age Editor, Suparna Sharma, even has a rulebook on how a victim must list out her abuse.

If on odd days Sharma dishes out instructions on how to narrate your sexual assault incident, on even days, she would be telling women how their pain is their own and don’t let anyone dictate you how you should feel about it.

Another Indian Express journalist also went on similar tirade. Telling a woman how to make revelations regarding her trauma.

And they would even question the ‘timing’ Because why did she choose to accuse Kashyap of sexual assault when Rahu and Ketu are in transit? Couldn’t she wait till Shani was in retrograde?

They will support the ‘movement’ but there will always be a ‘but’.

How is Ghosh’s allegations ‘misuse of power’ of calling out sexual abuse when there is no investigation? Or it becomes ‘misuse of power’ only when your friend is accused of assault? Or it becomes a ‘weapon’?

How does one wrong make the other wrong right? And then there are personal guarantors. Like this filmmaker who decided that since he knows Kashyap from more than two decades, how can he be a sexual abuser.

Such kind of defence always comes with a disclaimer that ‘I am all for believing the women’, except the one who accuses my friend. He explained how the sexual abuse accusations are because Kashyap was targeting PM Modi.

Speaking of people targeting PM Modi and being accused of sexual harassment, remember Tarun Tejpal? Tehelka founder? How Tejpal went hammer and tongs after then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi after the Godhra carnage and the riots that followed? You know it was a journalist who accused Tejpal of molesting her? And while most believed her, you know who didn’t?

Anurag Kashyap came out in defence of Tarun Tejpal

Anurag Kashyap.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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