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Accusations of prolonged unexplained leave and possible ‘Fake Mausi’ in 2018 Sanjali case: More skeletons tumble out about Hathras ‘Fake Bhabhi’

More shocking details have now emerged in the case highlighting that Dr Rajkumari Bansal has been indulging such impersonations for a long time now in a bid to take advantage of tragic incidents that occur in various states by impersonating as their family members.

The Hathras murder case has taken several twists and turns over the last few days. Amidst all the political controversies surrounding the case, in a sensational disclosure, it was revealed that a Naxalite from Madhya Pradesh was masquerading as the Bhabhi (sister-in-law) of the victim, who had stayed with the family of the deceased after the death of the 19-year-old girl.

The ‘fake bhabhi’, who was identified as Rajkumari Bansal, worked as a physician at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Dr Bansal had apparently visited the family of Hathras victim to coach the victim’s family into peddling a particular political narrative. 

A day later, her connection with Bhim Army had also come out after it was reported that a young woman from Jabalpur was planted by the group as one of the members of the outfit to hijack the case and to push a caste-conflict in the state.

Dr Rajkumari Bansal – the ‘Fake Bhabhi’ took long unexplained leaves from work: Reports

More shocking details have now emerged in the case highlighting that Dr Rajkumari Bansal has been indulging such impersonations for a long time now in a bid to take advantage of tragic incidents that occur in various states by claiming to be their family members. In addition to these charges, Dr Bansal is also accused of taking unexplained long leaves from her work during her tenure as medical officer to carry out such conspiracies.

It has now come to notice that Dr Bansal, during her tenure as a medical officer in Dindori, Madhya Pradesh, took long leaves and failed to carry out her work as a medical officer for at least eight months. The Madhya Pradesh health department authorities had even issued notices to Bansal for her repeated absence from work.

There are serious allegations against Dr Bansal by the district health officials, who have accused her of being absent or irregular to work during her tenure as the medical officer. The authorities had alleged that she did not fulfil her duty as a medical officer for at least eight months after being appointed to the post of medical officer in August 2013.

A complaint, dated 29-May-2014, was also registered against Dr Bansal by Dindori’s district surgeon notifying her long absence from the medical duty.

Based on the complaint, the Madhya Pradesh health department had issued a notice to Dr Bansal under ‘The Madhya Pradesh Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1966’, asking her to clarify on her long absence from the duty.

A notice issued to Dr Rajkumari Bansal aka ‘fake Bhabhi’ by Health Department after receiving a complaint by District Surgeon over her long absence from duty/ Image Source: Prashant Patel

The notice issued by Madhya Pradesh health department says that Bansal had not visited the hospital since 6-September-2013, at least eight months before a formal complaint was registered by the district surgeon. The health department had also warned Dr Bansal of a departmental enquiry if she fails to respond to the notices issued by the health department.

Another notice issued to Dr Bansal demanding her response over unexplained long leaves from work/ Image Source: Prashant Patel

‘Fake Bhabhi’ had also impersonated as ‘Mausi’ during the Agra Sanjali Murder case

According to another report, Dr Rajkumari Bansal, who was caught for faking as ‘Bhabhi’ of the Hathras victim, has a long history of impersonating as relatives of victims of tragic incidents.

A Jagran report states that two years ago in 2018, Rajkumari Bansal had visited Agra by impersonating as an ‘aunt’ of a 15-year-old girl Sanjali, who was burnt to death by her cousin brother Yogesh and two of his relatives for not reciprocating to his feelings. Interestingly, Bansal had claimed to be the ‘Mausi’ or maternal aunt of the deceased victim.

She had even accompanied the dead body of the victim from Delhi to Agra and had created a ruckus in the village by opposing the cremation of the dead body on the pretext of seeking justice. However, OpIndia could not independently verify the claim made by Jagran in its report.

Reportedly, Bansal had allegedly impersonated as an aunt of the victim and had incited a few people from the family to stage a protest and not to cremate the body till the Chief Minister visited them. Bansal had also claimed that the Chief Minister would have visited the victim’s family if they had belonged to an ‘upper caste’ community.

Strangely, neither the police nor the family of the victim could figure out who really Bansal was and why she was staging a protest. Later, Bansal allegedly escaped from the place a few days after the dead body of Sanjali was cremated. Reportedly, Bansal never visited the family of the deceased Sanjali again.

As images of Dr Rajkumari Bansal went viral on the social media after the Hathras fiasco, the relatives of Sanjali, including the villagers and the policemen who investigated the case, have now confirmed that it was Bansal who had impersonated as victim’s aunt in 2018.

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