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Caste Divide

Rahul Gandhi admits what the country always knew: PM Modi says sometimes habitual liars speak the truth as ‘Shehzada’ admits to exploitation of Dalits...

Rahul Gandhi said, "I have been sitting in the system since the day I was born. I understand the system from the inside. You cannot hide the system from me. How it works, whom it favours, how it favours, whom it protects, whom it attacks, I know everything because I come from inside the system."

‘There are two types of martyrs within the Indian Army’: Rahul Gandhi follows The Caravan’s path to incite caste divide within the Army

Speaking at a public rally in Rae Bareli, Rahul Gandhi escalated caste rhetorics, claiming that there are two types of Jawans in the Indian Army, one belonging to the poor, OBC, Dalit sections, and the other, rich.

As Rahul Gandhi promotes caste politics in the country, Chinese commentator expresses confidence that India won’t be able to beat China due to caste...

Chinese commentator Hu Xijin expressed confidence that India would not be able to progress due to caste conflicts

‘Brides of Quran’: The horrifying and abusive practice in Pakistan that denies Muslim women the right to property

A practice called Haq Bakshish is followed in Sindh, and many other regions of Pakistan where the women are married to Quran to renounce their right to property.

Cardiologist at Kochi Hospital peddles anti-Upper Caste bigotry as ‘liberal’ meltdown over Metro Man E Sreedharan joining BJP continue

Ever since Metro Man E Sreedharan joined the BJP, the 'liberals' have gone from calling him names to dismissing his contribution to the metro rail network.

Tamil YouTube channel reporter harasses Brahmin women and peddles caste hatred; Indu Makkal Katchi to file a complaint on the incident

A reporter of a Tamil YouTube channel Red Pix was seen harassing a woman and peddling caste hatred against Brahmin people

Dalit man beaten to death for ‘touching food’ in MP? Contrary reports emerge that suggest he was beaten for molesting woman

Various media outlets like ANI, Times of India, Zee News Hindi, India Today, NDTV, etc, have claimed that the Dalit man was killed due to his caste

Accusations of prolonged unexplained leave and possible ‘Fake Mausi’ in 2018 Sanjali case: More skeletons tumble out about Hathras ‘Fake Bhabhi’

Hathras fake bhabhi Dr Rajkumari Bansal was absent for job for 8 months without explanation, and became fake mausing in a 2018 case

‘The fact that I am famous doesn’t matter to them. It is in their veins’, actor Nawzuddin Siddiqui speaks on caste bias in Uttar...

Nawazuddin Siddiqui said that caste bias is not only a reality but also a persisting problem in the villages in Uttar Pradesh

Yogi government takes comprehensive measures to foil the attempts to incite caste-based riots over Hathras incident. Read the details here

UP govt has been proactive in countering attempts by opposition parties to exploit Hathras incident to stoke up caste-based riots

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