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‘Stunted adulthood’: The Caravan attacks Sachin Tendulkar’s middle class origins, insinuates he is mentally unfit to humiliate him over unity comment

The Caravan columnist appears to loathe the Indian middle class because like most ordinary people, they do not have the taste for continuous revolutions.

Far-Left media outlet The Caravan on Saturday published a wild hate-piece against Sachin Tendulkar because the cricket legend urged the country to remain united in the face of a global campaign against India. The column, penned by one Vaibhav Vats, makes extremely objectionable comments against the middle class as well.

Regarding the tweet posted by Sachin Tendulkar to promote unity in the face of adversity, Vats says, “What accounts, then, for this anomaly from someone unusually careful in his utterances? The answer lies in Tendulkar’s conservative upbringing as well as his psychological make-up, which can be described as a state of stunted adulthood.”

The Caravan columnist blamed Tendulkar’s “lower middle class” upbringing for the comment. His diatribe against him did not stop there.

Vats continued, “The ordinary Maharashtrian Mumbaikar of Tendulkar’s background often emanates an excessively deferential attitude towards the powerful and the moneyed of India’s financial capital, a dynamic ever-present in Tendulkar’s relationship with the Ambanis.”

The Caravan columnist appears to loathe the Indian middle class because like most ordinary people, they do not have the taste for continuous revolutions. Vats says, “Tendulkar became the epitome of values prized in the conventional, hierarchal and self-congratulatory milieu of the middle class, showing no eagerness to challenge the many prejudices of society and state. His notion of ethics remained limited purely to the realm of his own personal conduct.”

“Before the stark fault lines of our present time, it was harder to see what appears now with increasing clarity, that Tendulkar also shares the worst traits of the Indian middle-class: its indifference to the general good, its lack of commitment to the values of human rights and democracy, and its intellectual vacuousness,” he added.

He also quotes one Rahul Bhattacharya describing the legend as a “man-child superstar”. The column is replete with criticism of Sachin Tendulkar over his humble beginnings. At one point, he says, “Tendulkar seems peculiarly unable to transcend the limitations of his social background.” At another, Vats remarks, “His personality has not grown commensurate with his public stature, animated by no larger ideas about the society and the world that he inhabits.”

The Caravan columnist is not the only one in the liberal establishment with such petulant hatred towards the middle class. Earlier, ‘journalist’ Rohini Singh was spotted voicing similar hatred. The primary reason for the hatred is the fact that Rich Liberals are traditionally a revolutionary force while the middle class is a stabilizing one.

Thus, Rich Liberals hate the middle class since the latter is perceived to be an impediment in the way of their lofty revolutions.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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