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Video of Sadhguru saying Yashoda became Lord Krishna’s ‘lover’ goes viral, Isha Foundation offers explanation: All you need to know

Isha Foundation, a non-profit spiritual organization founded and guided by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, has alleged that the video of Sadhguru talking about Yashoda is mischievously edited

Social media platforms were recently awash with a video of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in which he made remarks on the nature of love between Lord Krishna and his foster mother Yashoda. In the video that had gone viral on the internet, Sadhguru could be heard saying that Yashoda’s affection for Lord Krishna was not limited to just her motherly love, but something more than that.

“Starting with Yashoda, his foster mother. She was deeply in love with the boy. Not just as her son, much more than that. When Krishna was an infant, it was all about the beautiful child she had. But as he grew, and he grew too rapidly. His growth was phenomenal. No mother could adjust her motherhood to that kind of growth. So her motherhood fell off somewhere by the time he was 5-6. After that, she couldn’t really be his mother. She became his lover,” Sadhguru said.

He further added, “So, Yashoda’s relationship with Krishna grew and she became one of his gopis. She was also a part of the Raas. She did not like Radha. She described her ‘too forward’, whatever that meant.”

“The normal demeanour that is expected of a village girl. She is a little too outgoing. So she(Yashoda) felt this tomboyish girl is hijacking her son, but she could not help joining the Raas conducted by Radha after Krishna left. Krishna never went back, even to see his mother. Many times, he right across the river in Mathura, but he did not go back to Vrindavan because he did not want them to know that a carefree cowherd boy has taken the terrible task of bringing dharma to the world…So Yashoda also became a gopi, along with Radha, because Krishna was no longer was his son. The blue did its magic with her also,” said Sadhguru in the now-viral video.

However, soon after the video was released on the internet, it sparked outrage, with many people fiercely objecting to Sadhguru’s interpretation of Yashoda’s love for Lord Krishna.

“Absolutely ridiculous. Yashoda is a symbol of motherhood. She had immense love for kanha. She expresses her wish to be his mother in another life too, which is why she was born as Vakula Mata in Kaliyuga,” one Twitter user remarked.

Isha Foundation issues clarification on viral video where Sadhguru claimed that Yashodha became a ‘lover’ of Lord Krishna

After the video drew severe flak on the internet, Isha Foundation, a non-profit spiritual organization founded and guided by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, took cognisance of the video and issued a clarification. In its clarification, the Isha Foundation alleged that the video of Sadhguru talking about Yashoda and Lord Krishna was mischievously edited.

Rubbishing the video posted by the Twitter user as misleading, the statement released by the Isha Foundation said, “A few days ago, a few Tweets were posted by a Twitter user, who had mischievously edited videos of Sadhguru speaking about Krishna’s mother Yashoda. Through these ill-intentioned edits, the user was trying to make it appear that Sadhguru was suggesting that the love that Yashodha had for Krishna was related to sexuality.”

The Foundation said that by posting distorted videos, an unsuccessful attempt was made to drum up controversy and spread false information about Sadhguru. It further added that in the original video, Sadhguru talks about how there were many wonderful women who were all devotees of Krishna. These parts, however, were deliberately removed by the Twitter user, it said. 

“In the original video, Sadhguru hails Krishna as the highest manifestation of human consciousness. He explains that Krishna, as a divine entity, was too immense for anyone to become anything other than his devotee, which is why his mother also became his devotee. He speaks about how devotion is about being in love with the Divine. In several other videos, Sadhguru has clearly explained how devotion is something that goes beyond the physical body. It is an all-inclusive process to attain mukti,” the statement by Isha Foundation said.

The statement said that Sadhguru was talking about the love that devotees have for Lord Krishna and that it is devoid of any sexual connotation. “It is unfortunate that this ill-intentioned Twitter user seems to believe the word “lover” only applies to sexual relationships and is trying to distort Sadhguru’s words to promote this false perspective.”

The clarification issued by the Isha Foundation said the video has been edited in a “reprehensible” way and suggests something contrary to our culture. The mischief is not about Sadhguru, it is about Krishna and also about the culture of Bharat, the Foundation said.

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