Sunday, December 5, 2021


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Delhi: AAP MLA accused of sending goons to beat up a woman in Shalimar Bagh, shocking visuals emerge

The incident took place on November 19, 2021 at around 10 PM in Delhi's Shalimar Bagh area

Another video surfaces from Ghaziabad where Muslim cook was seen spitting on dough before making rotis, arrested

In the video, one Shadab Miya is seen spitting on the dough while cooking tandoori roti at an engagement ceremony in Ghaziabad

Viral video: Karnataka Congress finally remembers Sardar Patel, out of fear for the BJP. Here is what happened

Siddaramaiah is heard telling DK Sivakumar that they should put a picture of Sardar Patel too, since it is his birth anniversary.

Viral video: Governor Satyapal Malik seen warning of ‘Indira assassination’-like consequences for not revoking farm laws

"Sikhs do not forget easily, not even after 300 years," Satyapal Malik was seen warning the Modi government.

‘Only Muslims are being arrested in India, RSS and Mossad creating wars in Muslim countries’: Bizarre claims in news debate about spitting on food

Political analyst Masood Hashmi alleged that under PM Modi and CM Yogi only Muslims are being arrested for such crimes.

Vir Das responds to the viral video, asks everyone to spread love while he spreads subtle hate for India

Comedian Vir Das claimed his intention was not to smear India's image but to show the two sides of the country.

No onion in khasta kachori triggers this woman, overturns hawker’s cart and gets violent: Watch video

In the video one can see the woman asking for onions for her kachori and the hawker saying how he has run out of onions.

Srinagar: Hindu student targeted by Islamists, threatening posts identify her as ‘police informer’ after medical college video goes viral

Islamists attack Hindu student for speaking against anti-nationals who raised pro-Pakistan slogans after Pakistan's T20 match win against India.

‘Veer has asked me to buy him an army uniform for his birthday’: Father of 4-year-old boy, whose video of saluting a CISF official...

Social media websites are awash with a video of a 4-year-old boy who is seen stopping in front of a camouflage tanker and saluting a soldier on board it

‘We are Muslims, we took birth to destroy idols’: Video of Bangladeshi cleric calling for the destruction of idols goes viral

"You must remember that I come from a community where the ideology of destroying idols runs in our blood," Muslim cleric says in viral video

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