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Jharkhand: Amanullah and Hakim Khan slaughter a cow to offer Qurbani on Bakrid, flee after video goes viral

After the video went viral, the Ranchi police registered a case and launched a manhunt for Amanullah and Hakim Khan, identified as the primary accused in the case.

Sikh cop manhandled in Dalhousie because locals were angry over CISF-Kangana incident? Himachal Police share the truth behind misleading claims

Meanwhile, Himachal Pradesh Police has issued a statement on the matter and said that the image of HP Police and the local people is being tarnished without ascertaining facts. The police said that Himachal Pradesh is a peaceful state and the local people welcome tourists. They added that the police are disciplined and public-friendly.

Uttar Pradesh: Barber Mohammed Zaid spits and rubs saliva on the face of customer, arrested after video goes viral

In the viral video, salon operator Mohammad Zaid is seen spitting on his hand and rubbing his saliva on the face of customer Pandit Ashish Kumar.

Uttar Pradesh: Salman touches the buttocks of girls including minors, exposes his private parts in public, gets arrested; footage viral on social media

Salman reportedly carried a bottle of acid with him in order to threaten and instil fear in the hearts of his female victims.

Mob assaults Raveena Tandon after Mohammed’s burqa-clad family falsely accuses actress of hitting them with her car

In a CCTV footage that has surfaced on social media, it could be seen that the car of Raveena Tandon did not hit anyone.

Gang war in Udupi: Two groups clash as they ram their cars into one another on national highway, two arrested after video goes viral

One car reversed rapidly, hitting the other on the bonnet and emitting black smoke. Men from both vehicles exited and began fighting.

Watch: Voter hits back YSRCP MLA A. Sivakumar after being slapped for objecting to MLA jumping the voting queue in Guntur, gets assaulted by...

In the viral video, a voter slapping YSRCP MLA A Sivakumar before being assaulted by the MLA's goons can be seen.

‘I get pension, children do not listen to me’: Read how a clipped video of an elderly Muslim man is used to peddle ‘Darr...

In reality, the elderly Muslim man was miffed with his son and daughter-in-law and not the Indian government for his poor economic condition.

Pro-Congress YouTuber Ajit Anjum runs away after suffering a meltdown over uncomfortable questions by journalists; video goes viral: Watch

Pro-Congress YouTuber Ajit Anjum appeared rattled after journalists questioned him how much money he received for defaming a girl, a video of which has gone viral.

Viral Video: Woman thrown off the building from by in-laws for not spicing chicken properly in Pakistan’s Lahore, husband arrested

In a shocking incident in Pakistan's Lahore, a woman was thrown off the upper floor of a house by her husband and in-laws allegedly for not spicing the chicken properly

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