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USA: Separatist group ‘Black Hammer’ acquires 200 acres of Colorado Land to create independent Communist city

Black Hammer, a Black separatist, communist group, has acquired 200 acres of land in Colorado, the USA to establish an “ethnostate” i.e a sovereign state where citizenship is restricted to members of a particular racial or ethnic group, for “colonized people”. “Thanks to all of you, Black Hammer has successfully liberated 200 acres of land to build our city. FOR COLONIZED PEOPLE ONLY! We are located high up in the mountains, 10,000 feet in the air with RICH soil! We have one lake and three rivers on the land!”, the communist group announced the news on Twitter.

Announcement of the communist ethnostate on Twitter

The Black Hammer organization has its own website, where they state that their ethnostate, named Hammer City, will create a “city for all people of color to be free” with no “discrimination of nationality, gender, age or mental/physical differences.” By their own description, “Hammer City” will exclude all White people based on their race. According to Black Hammer, the communist ethnostate will provide residents with “jobs, housing, food, and healthcare” while retaining a “no cops, no rent, no Coronavirus” and “no white people” policy.

Black Hammer has a GoFundMe page for people who wish to fund Hammer City where they have accumulated over $64,000 in donations. In a justification for the fundraising through GoFundMe, Black Hammer wrote:

“On top of fighting against the police and horizontal violence, Black and Colonized people are battling coronavirus. The US government is exposing Black and Colonized people to the disease. Their negligence to our communities as well as pushing this narrative of ‘essential workers’ are killing us at alarming rates … Enough is enough. The Democrats and Republicans’ answer to our problem is to vote, while they continue to poison, cage, and murder us. The so-called “white left’s” response to us is recycled movements that continue to fail … It’s time we turn to each other and design, plan and build what we need to protect our families and communities. Hammer City is being built by Colonized people, governing ourselves, and designing our own city from a decolonized mindset.” 

The Black Hammer organization has also been called out for its overt anti-Semitism. In a now-deleted tweet, Black Hammer’s Twitter account addressed critics who asked how the group would “keep warm in the mountains.” The tweet, which stated “don’t y’all already know it just takes a good book to burn and some nice wood … best believe we have plenty of copies to keep us warm all season long,” exhibited two pictures; one of a campfire and the other of holocaust victim Anne Frank’s biography. 

Black Hammer’s tweet regarding Holocaust victim Anne Frank

This isn’t the only time the organization has referred to Anne Frank. On Tuesday, Black Hammer claimed that Anne Frank’s father “went abroad and killed African people everyday”, calling him a “bleach demon”.

On the Black Hammer website, there is a section titled “Reparations”. Here, the organization gives ‘White’ people the opportunity to be a “good person on the right side of history” by allowing people to join the so-called ‘Reparations Corps’, making monthly reparation payments or offering skills to the Hammer City project. The organization advertises three distinct levels of reparation payments, beginning at the $40 ‘Che level’, named after the communist leader Che Guevara, and ending at the $199 minimum ‘Mao level’, named after Mao Zedong.

On their website, Black Hammer promises to give “poor and working-class colonized people full control” over their lives. The organization defines “colonized people” as “people of color,” who according to the organization had “suffered through generations of Colonialism: slavery, war, and poverty.” 

Mocked online

The group’s efforts to establish a communist ethnostate for “colonized people” have been relentlessly mocked online. Many commentators online have noted that the land purchased by Black Hammer is not arable land and thus not suitable for agriculture. Commentators also noted the issue of water rights in Colorado, and how Black Hammer would need a permit to divert the water from the river, or to dig a well.

It is a reminder of the CHAZ, or the ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’ established by a large group of BLM (Black Lives Matter) protestors last year in Seattle, Washington, USA. The BLM protestors had occupied a roughly four-block area in Seattle’s Capitol Hill had declared it autonomous and ‘police free’. They had placed barricades and had been squatting on public areas, and looting local businesses to carry out the protests. After a few weeks of media glorification, the area was finally cleared by the Seattle police, as per the mayor’s orders. During the few weeks of CHAZ’s existence, violent crimes, especially crimes against women had been rampant in the area.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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