Monday, January 17, 2022


woke culture

Switzerland allows legal gender change through ‘self-declaration’, without medical procedure or therapy

Legal change of gender will no longer need medical procedure or hormone therapy. Transgenders in Switzerland can now just walk into a civil registry office and get themselves documented as per 'chosen gender'.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling questions Police Scotland’s stand over ‘trans women’ raping actual women, gets hatred from trans activists

Rowling had tweeted sarcastically, "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. The penised individual who raped you is a woman."

Sh*t posting meme page asks army personnel to stop cribbing and quit if job is too hard, cries victim when called out

Whether Andheri West Shitposting page admin believes or not, the Defence personnel are indeed doing a favour defending, protecting those who sh*tpost because they themselves did not have the courage to sign up for taking the enemy's bullet on their chest.

USA: All public schools in Chicago go ‘woke’, gender-neutral toilets made mandatory for students

The new signages indicate the fixtures available inside the restroom and announce that it is open to users of any gender identity and expression.

Why we need not be apologetic about the Munawar saga: Cancel culture is here to stay, non-left just needs to get better at it

12 shows of Munawar Faruqui have been cancelled in 2 months and the Left has lost its mind, sending Hindus into a guilt trip

Instagram disables political satire account of Wokeflix for 30 days for allegedly violating its Community Guidelines

Instagram has disabled the political satire account of Wokeflix for 30 days saying it shared content that violated its community guidelines

Simple arithmetic has offended the wokes in USA. Here is how

Women's March has apologised for raising an average of USD 14.92 as donations because in 1492 Italian explorer Christopher Columbus made a landfall in America.

American radio show defends “Gender Queer”, a book that was banned across schools in the US for pornographic content involving children

NPR's 1A defended 'Gender Queer' book, which was pulled out from many schools across the US for its sexually explicit content

Besides UNICEF India and CBFC, NCPCR pulls up West Bengal Govt over screening of films on same-sex relations in schools

In the letter addressed to Govt of West Bengal, NCPCR sought the state government's comments on the matter

NCPCR writes to CBFC and UNICEF India seeking details about 8 short films on same-sex relations to be screened in schools

NCPCR takes cognizance of report that 8 films on same-sex relations will be screened in schools in Kolkata, writes to CBFC and UNICEF India

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