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Congress toolkit exposes nexus between the party and international media, used journalists to peddle anti-Modi propaganda

There is a major story in the toolkit. The toolkit demonstrates that the entire strategy of the Congress was based on a 'friendly' media.

A new Congress toolkit is circulating on social media that reveals the depths to which the party sank in order to mint their political fortunes amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. While the Congress claims that it is fake, the content of the toolkit speaks a different story. We, at OpIndia, could not independently verify the authenticity of the toolkit.

One of the most significant revelations was that a deliberate attempt was made to paint the Kumbh Mela as a “super-spreader” while maintaining a carefully crafted silence over massive Eid gatherings.

But there is another major story in the toolkit. The toolkit demonstrates that the entire strategy of the Congress was based on a ‘friendly’ media. The toolkit reveals the great confidence they have in the media, especially international media.

With regards to the Kumbh Mela being a ‘super-spreader’, the toolkit says, “International media has already established this.” Then it proceeds to add, “Collaborate with like-minded international media and journalists to further the same narrative.”

With regards to the charity work by Congress frontal organisations, the alleged toolkit says, “Collaborate in advance with friendly journalists on social media to immediately amplify these messages.” It also says, “Calls for help from journalists, media professionals and other influencers must get priority.”

The most damning indictment, however, is regarding using international media to dent Prime Minister Modi’s image. “International media coverage by foreign correspondents in India can be tailored to exclusively focus on Modi and his mismanagement. Liaise with foreign journalists and Indian Oped writers in foreign publications and brief them on talking points.”

The Congress party also implores the use of funeral pyre photographs to further dent India’s image. “Such journalists can be facilitated by our local cadre in various districts to get the right image and then their reporting may be magnified,” the alleged toolkit says.

Why it is so dangerous

Quite clearly, it appears that global media has been taking instructions from the Congress party. It is known that international media has never been friendly towards the current ruling dispensation. On top of it, it appears that they have been peddling propaganda on behalf of the Congress party and publishing the opposition’s talking points as neutral objective opinion.

The tone and tenor of the declaration in the toolkit also shows that the party was not worried about any difficulty they might face at all. In fact, they were certain of the media’s allegiance to them and all they needed to do was feed them the right talking points which would benefit them.

The international media is known to serve as the propaganda wing of western powers. Global media helps western countries achieve their foreign policy objectives. They helped the United States peddle propaganda that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), which was patently untrue. The global media has also been lying about the civil war in Syria and hiding the fact that the USA is funding terrorists to topple the Assad regime.

In recent times, American media has served as the propaganda wing of the Democrat establishment. They peddled the Russian collusion hoax, among many other hoaxes, to help Democrats take down Donald Trump. Rahul Gandhi, in early April, sought direct American interference in the internal matters of India and questioned the silence of the Biden administration over the situation in India.

Praveen Chakravarty, head of the Data Analytics unit at Congress, was busy peddling fictional statistics by The Economist that speculated 1 million people had died from Covid-19 this year in India, a claim that is not supported by any relevant data.

Alliance between global media and Congress

At this point, it is virtually undeniable that an alliance exists between global media and the Congress party, which by extension means that the Congress is allying with international forces to bring down the Modi Government.

It is not the first time they have tried such a thing. Unable to convince the Indian electorate to vote for them on their own, it appears they are relying on global forces, who do not have the best interests of India in their heart, to defeat Narendra Modi in elections.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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