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Why ‘cow urine’ jibes can’t be defended, whether from the ‘OSD to a BJP CM’ or Mamata’s trolls

The objective of the slur is to paint Hindus as a backward less-than-human community over whom liberals have a God-given right to lord over.

Tushar Panchal was appointed as an officer on special duty to the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, on Monday. The appointment of Tushar Panchal to the position has attracted a lot of criticism from online supporters of the BJP for previous posts he has made on social media.

Some office bearers of the party have also expressed their anguish over the same. Screenshots of his tweets have gone viral where Panchal can be seen making the cow urine jibe (Gaumutra).

Source: Social media

Following the outburst from online supporters of the party, Panchal has found support from an unlikely source, Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint. While some may interpret it as a positive development for the OSD, it is unlikely to go down well with the supporters of the party.

Source: Social media

The Congress party has gone off the tangent in its attempt to gain some mileage from the controversy. The party claims that Shivraj Singh Chauhan has opened a front against Prime Minister Modi by appointing an officer with a known anti-Modi bias.

Not considering the politics of it, the cow urine jibe is simply indefensible. It is one of the non-negotiables in the Hindutva side and with good reason. Over time it has emerged as the favourite insult of liberals to paint Hindus in negative light.

Most infamously, it was used by the Pulwama suicide bomber to justify his morbid hatred for the Hindu community. Liberals even then have not seen any reason for course correction but have only normalised its usage further.

The Gaumutra jibe has emerged as the favourite slur for anti-Hindu bigots. It has been observed, and can be concluded beyond any reasonable doubt, that only those who bear the most animosity towards Hindu concerns use the slur. Furthermore, the Hindu reverence for the cow is mocked so that abuse of Hindu Gods can also be normalised.

The cow urine slur is only one step away from abusing Hindu Gods, as has been observed in recent times. And worse, it has been used by actual terrorists to justify their bigotry. Thus, there cannot be place for a person who uses such slurs in any sensible government.

Tushar Panchal, unfortunately, is not the only who has become accustomed to using such slurs. Mahua Moitra, one of the most prominent leaders of the Trinamool Congress, has been liberally using the slur.

Mahua Moitra uses the Gaumutra jibe

Panchal making the Gaumutra jibe is indefensible for the same reason that it is indefensible for anyone to try to justify Mahua Moitra’s antics. Using such slurs should not be acceptable in any decent society and in a country where Hindus are in the overwhelming majority, such slurs should have consequences.

The objective of the slur is to paint Hindus as a backward less-than-human community over whom liberals have a God-given right to lord over. The objective is to dehumanise Hindus so that injustices against them can be whitewashed and justified. How could a person who holds such views ever serve the public in an adequate manner in a country with a Hindu-majority?

Panchal has since then announced that he has communicated to Shivraj Singh Chauhan that he will not serve in the role he was offered. All things considered, it was the correct decision given the circumstances.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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