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‘Journalists’ take upon themselves to defend Congress as Rahul Gandhi seems to not care about mess in Punjab

As Amitabh Bachchan in Sharabi would have said, ecosystem ho to aisi ho, warna na ho

The political crisis in Punjab deepened, former Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh took to Twitter to raise concerns about the uncertainty and handing over reins of a border state to someone he does not find too trustworthy. Punjab, along with union territories of Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh and states of Rajasthan and Gujarat share the international border with Pakistan. While other states have faced issues with infiltration from Pakistan, the terror activities have been historically high in Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab.

It is no secret that other than funding cross border terrorism in Kashmir, Pakistan has also been sponsoring separatist movement for Khalistan in Punjab for decades. So while Rajasthan and Gujarat, too, are border states, Punjab would obviously be more of a cause of concern for government.

However, this is now being twisted by the Gandhis-friendly media where some are even trying to use this crisis within Congress to plant seeds of distrust in minds of common folks of Punjab against Modi government. Something that Pakistan would very much like. Here are some examples:

How is the fact that state of Punjab faces more drug abuse problem and is more susceptible to Pakistan-sponsored-terrorism because of Khalistan sentiments ‘inane nonsense’? But for former Aam Aadmi Party leader it is.

Here is another Congress-friendly ‘journalist’ Saba Naqvi who, for some reason best known to her, made it about those pointing out Punjab is a crucial border state are doing so because farmers and soldiers from Punjab ‘who can’t be trusted’. See how farmers and soldiers are the soft targets and it is easy to emotionally manipulate an average Indian by invoking the ‘poor farmers’ and ‘brave soldiers’ narrative.

The Quint journalist, Aditya Menon, who has embraced Islam, has yet another theory. That maybe Punjab being a border state is a cause of concern because Hindus are minority in the state.

But worry not. The Wire has Congress’ back covered.

Do understand that the so-called reports on ‘incursion by Chinese troops’ are based an Economic Times report from two days back which was based on unverified ‘sources’ in government and security officials. Similar claims were made by Rahul Gandhi too to attack Modi government and claimed that a bridge was also destroyed by the Chinese. However, senior government officials have denied any such destruction of bridge.

This is similar to what the mainstream media had done earlier in July this year. In July this month, Business Standard had published an article by Ajai Shukla claiming that there were fresh clashes between Indian and Chinese forces in Easter Ladakh. This was rubbished by the Indian Army. The army had said that the article written by Ajai Shukla was riddled with inaccuracies and misinformation, and the intention of the author was malafide.

But the fact that there have been Khalistan sponsored and supported elements who were embedded in the so-called farmer protest that culminated into riots at Red Fort earlier this year is ignored because the facts make Congress uncomfortable. They are not really worried about the national security but only want to build on a narrative that helps Congress. Even if Congress itself seems to have given up on doing the hard work.

Meanwhile, Congress leaders themselves seem oblivious to the mess that Punjab is in. Imagine being so bad at your job that Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi try to resolve the Captain Amarinder Singh vs Navjot Singh Sidhu fight and within ten days they get the chief minster removed, get a chief minister of a state who was accused of sending inappropriate messages to woman IAS officer and then also got the state party chief to resign. In between Rahul Gandhi and mother Sonia Gandhi also vacationed in Shimla. And as if this was not enough, Congress got Kanhaiya Kumar and Jignesh Mewani onboard, as if it is some sort of a platinum deal.

So much that even the ‘fact-checkers’ have now taken it upon themselves to prove that Congress leaders, especially Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi during their times as party president did not insult Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh during his tenure. The so-called fact-checkers shared a video where one can see Sonia Gandhi, a party president, getting off the car and royally ignoring the Prime Minister who was standing there, but apparently that was not an ‘insult’ to the head of the State. Meaning, unless someone is locked up in toilet to usurp the seat of the leader, it does not get counted as an insult. And even if that does happen, it gets deleted from our history books because, Congress-bred ‘historians’ write our history books.

As Amitabh Bachchan in Sharabi would have said, ecosystem ho to aisi ho, warna na ho

And then yesterday, Rahul Gandhi went on a bizarre rant where he spoke about Indians being (or ceasing) to be Indians after taking international flight (?) and not being part of geographical boundaries and something else about Savarkar thrown in Kerala. I personally believe that Rahul Gandhi’s speech at the dialysis centre inauguration got Congress workers to lose their minds that they ended up attacking Sibal instead and staging a protest against him. Because no one quite has the courage to tell the prince is naked.

But hey, why not talk about Gujarat and Rajasthan as border states too?

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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