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The Wire withdraws article after claims of discrepancy in electoral bonds list by The Quint’s Poonam Agarwal fall flat: Read about lies and embarrassment

The Wire withdrew an article that quoted Poonam Agarwal to raise aspersions on the electoral bonds list released by SBI.

Ram Mandir is being inaugurated after 500 years of struggle but naysayers want to pick up on petty issues. Here’s a word of advise...

Ahead of Bhoomi pujan in 2020, the same ecosystem objected to it citing covid, objecting to PM Modi's presence, CM Yogi Adityanath's presence, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat's presence, Home Minister Amit Shah's presence; the muhurt (timing of Bhoomi pujan) and the sculpture of Shri Ram and what have you.

‘Souls of Gandhi and Ambedkar must be weeping’: The Left ecosystem suffer a meltdown after Mahua Moitra’s expulsion from Lok Sabha

TMC’s Krishnanagar MP Mahua Moitra has been expelled from the Lok Sabha after the Ethics Committee tabled its report on her corruption and bribery. She was expelled after the tabled report was debated and a vote was sought from MPs.

‘Thou shalt not question’: Ashoka University faculty, Leftist propagandists gang up to defend flawed, shoddy research paper that made dubious claims about election manipulation

Glaring flaws, loopholes, and dataset-related mistakes have been pointed out in Das' paper by numerous economists. However, for the Left ecosystem, facts do not matter. What matters is their conviction that a certain ideology should be above scrutiny or criticism and should be accepted by all without any question.

‘Does it matter?’ Former JNU prof and Afzal Guru supporter brazens out when called out for passing off an old video from Colombia as...

Former JNU professor Jayati Ghosh shared an old video from Colombia to take a dig at 'New India' under the Modi government.

The Wire’s fabricated story about Meta and Amit Malviya: Does Left ecosystem need protection or do people need protection from this ecosystem

In selecting Amit Malviya as a punching bag, The Wire and its editors may have thought they found a juicier soft target than, say, Jay Shah

Hinduphobia: Usual suspects hide behind ‘constitutional process’ and other jargon after being triggered by the sight of Puja by PM Modi at new parliament...

Since it was PM Modi, the Central Vista Project, a proud symbol of India, and a traditional Puja by Hindu priests for the inauguration all combined together, the meltdown by the usual whining suspects was quite expected. They proved to be exactly as predictable as always.

Why there is no such thing as ‘godi media’

Take the Gyanvapi case. Do you think liberals did not realize that videos would soon reveal the Shivling? Then why would they spread nonsensical talking points about it being a fountain? The aim was to create a heavy first round of media articles calling it a fountain.

Wokes vs Elon Musk: Why nothing is likely to change and how Twitter may remain a Leftist bastion, despite the right noises by Elon...

Many articles have been published about the catastrophic implications of Elon Musk taking over Twitter and RW schadenfreude over pseudo liberals’

As Sonia Gandhi legitimizes Al Jazeera hitjob in parliament, Congress gives another signal of how it’s now looking towards ‘foreign ecosystem’ to save it

With its domestic ecosystem unravelling, Congress strategy now revolves around enlisting foreign media to salvage its existence

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