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Shivam Vij’s flagrantly contradictory articles claim all possible outcomes of an event, maybe so he could later claim that he was right in 50% of the instances.
Following the rejection of the claims by ECI and the clarification over the issue, Frontline magazine had accepted that their report is false and a rejoinder will be published. TV9 Bharatvarsh had removed the report from their website and YouTube channel.
Shockingly, instead of condemning the intimidation and heckling of the journalists, some Twitter users supported the act and even stated that they should be beaten up.
All over the world, the terrorist attacks by radical Islamists is immediately served with long and extensive excuses about how social ills, discrimination, poverty, hardships, and atrocities lead to terrorism.
Arvind Kejriwal didn’t win elections after taking an extreme anti-Modi rhetoric. Will it help Mamata Banerjee or Rahul Gandhi?
This is only the latest reason to conclude that every purported liberal principle in India lies stretched out at the feet of the Congress Party.
News has emerged that 83 retired IAS officers had penned an open letter demanding the resignation of Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.
The Congress and its ecosystem is strong and well oiled.
Some sections of media have been asking ‘Why does BJP fear Lalu so much?’ but the real question is something else.
If we run out of patience before the ecosystem runs out of provisions, they will win.
Sophia had raised slogans inside a Chennai-Tuticorin flight in which Tamilsai Soundararajan was incidentally traveling.
Interestingly, Nandita Das has not even once named the victim in her post and this has raised many questions regarding her credentials to stand in support of the movement.
Vikas Bahl has accused them of orchestrating the whole campaign against him ahead of the release of his new film Super 30 starring Hrithik Roshan.
Run up to 2019 general election just got interesting.
Kejriwal's apology doesn't embarrass him, it should embarrass all of us as we were conned and scammed.
Radia is believed to have secured favours for corporates using journalists as power brokers.
Not the first time a 'liberal' columnist has wished death upon the Prime Minister.
Comments by an economist and an article by a 'think tank' were twisted to target Modi government
A purely fictional tale about the powers that may be
The Establishment will do just about anything to come back to power
The deplorable state of democracy in Indian politics.
Right has some inherent handicaps in battle against the left, but nothing was done to overcome those.
Many supporters want BJP to stick to Hindutva to defeat caste politics. But will it work electorally?
AAP may not realize it, but they are fighting to remain relevant, and Gujarat holds the key.
Except for apparent 'lip service' to Hindu causes, Modi govt appears apathetic. But it could be helping in other way.
The narrative of him being a communal figure is flawed to say the least
It's not just the rejection of 'ease of doing business' ranking, there is a pattern in the propaganda.
Less than two years are remaining but opposition strategies are already in place to repeat 2004

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