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From the role of Islamic outfits to hashtag campaigns, from media propaganda to instigation by Congress, activist shares a timeline of the Hijab propaganda

The activist busts the lie spread by one of the Muslim students, who had claimed that they were not part of CFI and that the radical organisation contacted her only after the hijab controversy broke out.

On Thursday, February 10, investigative journalist and activist Vijay Patel shared a Tweet thread revealing how radical groups and the left-liberal media have exploited the hijab controversy in Udupi, Karnataka, to spread their venomous anti-India propaganda. That is to create a fear psychosis in the minds of Muslims, painting a dystopian picture about the current state of affairs and painting the centre as working against the Muslims. 

The activist disclosed that the groundwork began in September 2021, when Campus Front of India (CFI), the notorious student arm of the extremist Islamist organisation Popular Front of India, started its membership drive in colleges including Udupi.

In his next Tweet, Patel explained how exactly a month after the CFI launched its membership campaign, the four initial alleged victims of the Hijab controversy namely, Aliya Assadi, Ayesha Hajeera Almas, Ayesha and Muskaan opened their accounts on Twitter. They then started promoting CFI’s agenda by taking part in hashtag campaigns, he said.

To substantiate his claims, the activist shared screenshots of the Twitter profiles of the four women. All but one, as rightly pointed out by the activist, joined Twitter in October 2021. Ayesha joined the microblogging site in November 2021.

The four aforementioned women, who have filed petitions in court questioning hijab restriction in college, had “HIJAB BAN VICTIM” as their profile status.

Image source: Activist Vijay Patel

In his next few Tweets, the activist goes on to bust the lie spread by one of the Muslim students who spearheaded the hijab controversy. She had claimed that they were not part of CFI and that the radical organisation contacted her only after the hijab controversy broke out.

First, Patal shared the screenshot of Almas’ interview with BBC, where she claimed that they were not members of CFI but were contacted only after the Hijab controversy. BBC, in its report published on January 22, 2022, titled: “Udupi hijab issue: The Indian girls fighting to wear hijab in college”, had quoted Almas as saying that “she was not a member of CFI but contacted the organisation when the college stopped them from attending classes.”

SS from the BBC report published on January 22 as shared by Vijay Patel

The report said that the Muslim woman had dissociated herself from CFI in response to the college’s allegation that the hijab issue was further complicated by the involvement of Campus Front of India (CFI), the student wing of the radical Islamic group, Popular Front of India.

In his subsequent Tweet, the activist goes on to produce evidence of how Almas had blatantly lied about her association with the notorious student wing of the Islamist organisation PFI. He shared screenshots of Tweets where these women have regularly promoted CFI.

“They have started to post copy-paste tweets to take part in the hashtag Champion of CFI on 1st November 2021. This hashtag was against the new education policy,” Tweeted Vijay Patel. He provided screenshots of Tweets in which these four women put the same content on their timelines, with the same hashtag, on the same day, November 1, 2021, virtually at the same time, to denounce the central government’s new education policy.

The activist then shared a Tweet from one of these four Muslim women, in which she shared a screenshot of the identical hashtag that was first released by the Campus Front of India (CFI), the extremist Islamist organisation Popular Front of India’s student arm, that too on the same date. “As you can see in one of Muskaan’s tweets, this hashtag campaign was started by CFI,” Tweeted Vijay Patel.

To reinforce how these women have continuously advocated and spread the anti-India propaganda peddled by the radical Islamist organisation CFI, the activist further shared screenshots of how they went on to collectively popularize the hashtag started by CFI on 8 November 2021 to disrepute the Supreme Court’s decision putting an end to the decades-old land dispute in Ayodhya. 

Interestingly, these four supposed Hijab row victims’- Aliya Assadi, Ayesha Hajeera Almas, Ayesha and Muskaan had on November 8, 2021, shared the hashtag #BabriMasjidVictimsOfJustice to oppose the Supreme Court’s Ayodhya verdict.

The same hashtag was also posted by the President of the CFI, MS Sajid, on the same date clearly indicating how these four ladies were a part of CFI’s sinister design to malign the central government and peddle a motivated agenda against India’s judiciary for handing over the land to Hindus where the disputed structure often referred to as ‘Babri Masjid’ once stood.

CFI President MS Sajid Tweet’s same hashtag against the Ayodhya verdict

MS Sajid identifies himself as the president of the Campus Front of India(CFI), the notorious student wing of the radical Islamist outfit Popular Front of India.

SS of the Twitter profile of MS Sajid

“Next Twitter champion of CFI was on 11th November 2021 regarding Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad”, Tweeted activist Vijay Patel in his subsequent Tweet to further explain how this was a clear pattern that has been meticulously followed by these four Muslim girls studying in a Government Pre-university College for Girls, Udupi to promote CFI’s nefarious objective.

During the anti-farm law protests, we saw how a ‘toolkit’ was created to drive a negative campaign against the Indian Government.

Likewise, on 19th November 2021, the four Muslim students had again participated in the hashtag campaign of CFI against the state government of Karnataka.

On November 21, 2021, the activist noted that the CFI State President had launched a Twitter champion for Azaan, and that these Muslim students had copied and pasted the same language and used the same hashtag to promote CFI’s campaign.

In his sixteenth Tweet, the Twitter user shared the next hashtag campaign of CFI that was started on 12th December 2021 to support arrested criminal Rauf Shareef. He again posted screenshots of copied Tweets and identical hashtags shared by these students to push CFI’s anti-India campaign. He pointed out the hateful language used in the Tweets to highlight the extent to which these students had been radicalised by Islamist outfit like CFI and PFI.

“This proves that these girls were very well connected with CFI and their claim to come in contact with CFI only after Hijab propaganda is disloyal”, wrote the activist, after producing the above umpteen evidences.

CFI and Jamaat-e-Islami Hind counselling us in the row, we started wearing Hijab only in December, confessed Muslim student

Notably, on February 9, OpIndia had also reported that the Muslim students who are protesting against uniform regulations in the state were in contact with radical Islamist outfit CFI. The students admitted that they began wearing the hijab in college only in December 2021, realising that there was no particular rule banning the hijab in the college rulebook. 

The Hijab-clad Muslim students also admitted that the Campus Front of India members are counselling them on the ongoing controversy. 

Not just PFI, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, another radical Islamist outfit accused of receiving funds from abroad to promote Islam in the country, has been playing an influential role in the ongoing controversy. Both Campus Front of India (CFI) and Students Islamic Organisation (SIO), the student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami, had even approached the authorities on December 30 asking that the Muslim girls will be allowed to wear Hijab. 

How Leftist media played a crucial role in fanning the controversy

Patel then went on to discuss the timeline of the Hijab dispute, which has lately taken an ugly turn in the state of Karnataka, as well as the critical role played by the leftist media in stoking the flames. The activist provided the chorology of events that eventually flared up to what Kartanataka is witnessing now, with pertinent screenshots to back up his assertions.

He stated that on 31st December 2021, these girls and the state committee member of CFI, Masood Manna had started the propaganda from a college campus. On 1st January, a “propaganda reporter”, associated with leftist media portals lie The Wire, The Quint and Islamic web portals, Meer Faisal had taken an interview of the girls.

On 2nd January 2022, these girls did a press conference along with CFI to take this propaganda to the next level, he stated.

Tweet confirming the Press meet posted by one of the Muslim students, Almas

“On 13th January 2022 another propaganda reporter came to take their interview,” wrote Patel, sharing details of which news portals was this reporter associated with.

He too, as mentioned in his Twitter profile, the screenshot of which was also shared by the activist, has worked for the ultra-leftist media portals like The Wire and The Quint.

“On 19th January 2022 left-wing students and left-wing TV channel NDTV came into the picture,” Patel revealed how the liberal media helped these Islamists progressively build up their nasty narrative by giving them a platform to play the victim card, as he tweeted.

“On 20th January 2022 another leftist propaganda journalist came and did her job”, wrote the activist sharing the screenshot of a Tweet posted on January 20, 2022 by The Wire journalist Rabia Shireen, where she appeared to be sympathising with the students who were “deprived of their fundamental rights” by not be allowed to wear hijabs to colleges.

This nasty propaganda was being pushed to depict Muslims as victims in Modi’s India, conveniently ignoring the reality that the demand is a clear breach of the universal rules followed by educational institutions across the country, not just in Karnataka.

Vijay Patel went on to explain how many other leftist news organisations, including News Minute and Mohammad Zubair, the co-founder of Islamist propaganda site Alt News, seized on to the brewing controversy and twisted it to assist them peddle their anti-Hindu agenda.

Advocate Devadatt Kamat who appeared in Karnataka High Court to support Hijab is a congress member

Towards the end of the thread, journalist Vijay Patel went on to also reveal how Congress also jumped into the fray and used the opportunity to promote its anti-India, anti-BJP agenda. Sharing a thread of Tweets he posted on February 8, Vijay Patel revealed that lawyer Devadatt Kamat, who appeared in Karnataka High Court to support Hijab is a congress member.

“Recently Devadatt Kamat has been appointed as a chairman of the Congress legal coordination committee for the UP election,” Patel Tweeted, as he shared a letter by the All India Congress Committee, approving the appointment of Kamat as the Chairman of the legal coordination committee of the Congress party in the run-up to the Uttar Pradesh elections. 

The SS of the Congress letter shared by activist Vijay Patel

It must be mentioned that Devadatt Kamat was appointed as the Chairman of the legal coordination committee of the Congress party in the run-up to the Uttar Pradesh elections. The committee was formed to coordinate with the Election Commission of India (ECI) in light of the Assembly elections. His appointment was made by the Central Committee of the Congress.

Kamat is a native of Karwar, which is located in the Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka. He was earlier appointed as the Additional Advocate General to the Government of Karnataka during the Congress-JDS reign in the State. In 2019, he was elevated to the status of ‘senior advocate’ in the Supreme Court of India.

Investigative journalist Vijay Patel in his thread of Tweets posted on February 8, pointed out that Devdatt Kamat had fought several cases on the behest of the Congress party and its allies. Kamat was the advocate for the Mumbai police in the fake TRP scam case against Republic TV and its Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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