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Islamist fundamentals

Pakistan: Mob assaults woman wearing dress with random Arabic words mistaking the text to be Quranic verses, woman apologises after police rescue her

In Lahore in Pakistan, Islamic fanatics assaulted a woman because they believed she committed blasphemy by wearing a dress with Arabic calligraphy.

Hacked? Website of NIT Srinagar goes offline amid ‘sar tan se juda’ protests against Hindu student for sharing allegedly blasphemous video

Website of NIT Srinagar goes down, suspected hacking attack over protests by Islamists against a Hindu student alleging blasphemy

Seven incidents of attacks on Ram Navami from across the country: Read how stone pelting and torching vehicles define the pattern of the mobs

Though the attacks on Ram Navami processions by Islamists are not a new thing, it is notable that such incidents are reported in more numbers in the last 3-4 years.

Pakistan Government locks Shaheed Bhai Taru Singh Gurdwara for worship in Lahore, declares it a ‘Mosque’

Evacuee Trust Property Board of Pakistan shuts down Gurdwara Shaheed Bhai Taru Singh in Lahore for worship, declaring it a mosque

Islamist violence: How 2022 Ramzan was a month of Islamist violence not just for India but several other countries as well

The month of April in 2022 was considered unique in three decades as the faith-related festivities of Easter (Christianity), Passover (Judaism) and Ramadan (Islam) coincided with the Hindu festivals of Ram Navami

From the role of Islamic outfits to hashtag campaigns, from media propaganda to instigation by Congress, activist shares a timeline of the Hijab propaganda

Activist reveals how radical groups and the left-liberal media have exploited the hijab controversy in Udupi, Karnataka

Nobody questions when girls attend colleges ‘topless’, why question the dress code of Islam: Maulana Sajid Rashidi on Karnataka hijab row

Defending Burqa in colleges, Maulana Sajid Rashidi made the bizarre claim that girls attend colleges topless

From sending heart emojis to Taliban to urging Mathura Muslims to pick up arms: Meet Jawwad Khan who celebrated Gen Rawat’s death

Jawwad Khan had shared an image of General Rawat and said he got burnt alive even before entering jahannum. A glance at his Twitter profile revealed more disturbing aspects about him

‘Just because they oppress women they don’t have stakes?’: The Wire provides platform to journalist who legitimises Taliban

Ghazala Wahab tells The Wire Taliban is a 'legitimate stakeholder' of Afghanistan so they should not be termed terrorists.

‘Muslims must kill 4-6 persons before dying’: Congress’ new minority cell head Imran Pratapgarhi and his hate-filled ‘shayari’. Details

The newly appointed Congress minority cell head Imran Pratapgarhi is believed to be the favourite of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

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