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The more you panic and more noise you make, you will sink faster: The Modi juggernaut and the quicksand that opposition is in

India is, too big, too powerful and too important today and a jab by a few like Hamid Sahab will be no more than a mosquito bite to cause may be a small bump on the skin that disappears in a short time without any external intervention or medication.

In the last few years with BJP forming the government twice over at the centre and also ruling many states the opposition is dealing with a slippery phenomenon on a slippery slope. Why a slippery phenomenon? Because they have not been able to decode or decipher this phenomenon and that is why don’t know from which side to get hold of it- for them, it is as mysterious and powerful as the Cyberdyne systems Model 101 or the T-800 popularly known as ‘The terminator’ played by Hercules like Arnold Schwarzenegger also known as a cyborg- who is impossible to beat. Another streak of this phenomenon is like that of the ‘predator’ being played again by Schwarzenegger who is visibly invisible and surprises you with omnipresence and is formidable as an opponent. This is a Ghost who walks- yes you guessed it right- Phantom. They call it Modi juggernaut.

Led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and flanked by Amit Shah and razor-sharp erudite mind in Subrahmanyam Jaishankar and Ajit Doval giving covering fire as National security advisor the entire casting is occupying the entire cinemascope screen and it seems to be too formidable for anyone to take on easily. 

In one TV interview Prashant Kishore, who needs no introduction said something about PM Modi which seems very obvious but most of us including me could not put in correct panoramic perspective or missed it outright. He said that PM Modi is first amongst equals-and is always a couple of steps ahead of others- because his last 45 years in public life have been stellar and extremely educative to take him on a learning curve that may be no one else has ever got.

He explained that the first fifteen years as a Pracharak took him at the grass-root level to understand what our diverse problems are and also the pain points of such a large diverse country. The next fifteen years as a Karyakarta (party worker) and event organizer of the largest political party. Then next 15 years in the governance of a state taught him rajneeti and administration. In addition to the gift of the gab, nothing could be better for Narendra Modi. Of course, he is a good listener and a fast learner.

The losing game people are playing

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake, said Napoleon Bonaparte.

These ten words of Napoleon are golden words of wisdom that must be used as a stratagem. It is better not to react to whatever your adversary or opponent is doing or saying. And that is what is being done by the government. Bonaparte’s ten words in two are – Just watch.

In fact more the noise the opponents create the better it is for PM Modi. Mostly they make noise for nothing and that is their weakness and a problem. You must find a genuine fault and then build a substantial narrative and then a perception around it. Otherwise, you lose credibility – It is a cry wolf syndrome. They thought they could come up with some slogans which would damage his image – but totally false allegations will not stick. So most of them backfired. You are saying ‘Chowkidar Chor hai’ shouting from a sprawling bungalow which your sister was not even authorized! And had to be unceremoniously made to vacate. Congress made noise about that too as a fiefdom-ish statement which again didn’t work. 

The PM has not helped any of his relatives in any way, donates around Rs 100 crore plus from the auctioned gifts and personal savings. His 90 year plus an aged mother who could well stay in his official accommodation stays with his brother in Gujrat. A man who has led a frugal life and has no one to favour besides his own nation cannot be called a thief for God’s sake. He is spotlessly clean as a whistle. You must learn from history but must understand it before using it. The opposition took Joseph Goebbels the propaganda Chief of Adolf Hitler too seriously when he said ‘Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth’. There was no social media, satellite TV or even serious courts those days bro- it was 1933. Germany a small nation could be fooled but not today- you need to learn newer tricks of the day.

Social media has become a great leveller today. With all the fake news, ill effects of misuse by some and doctored stuff and spin-doctoring galore somehow there is a balancing act carried out by nature which plays a decisive role on social media too. ‘Hawa ka rukh dikhta hai- saaf dikhta hai’ you can make out which way the wind is blowing.

This windsock effect is so evident when you watch Television debates- if anchors are smart the public over a period of time has become smarter. It’s a four corner debate on all channels. Here is a group for ‘for’ and another for ‘against’ and then there is an anchor who adds to the chaos rather than being a moderator (none of our anchors can handle rowdy debaters as Tim Sabastian of hard talk fame. With his reading glasses on the tip of his nose he could stop anyone going out of line- I miss him). The fourth one is the most important who is a muted mute spectator- actually this entire thing is stage-managed for the spectator only! And he is the smartest.

One can make out how embarrassed and albeit silly the guys look when defending the un-defendable. Some are fired/spent cartridges some are rubber bullets and most dud shells. Mostly the last string of players from a political party in opposition is offered at the altar. They are recycled and predictable. Some are proud to put a tag ‘expelled Neta’ which is as good as putting on your CV ‘Tenth class fail’. One has to give credit to their Oscar-winning straight-faced performance even when most uncomfortable questions are thrown at them. Shameless. They can’t even duck for cover in the studio but for that one-hour losing battle put up a brave face. When someone is rattled either he/she starts shouting and becoming personal, heckling or starts smiling to avoid further embarrassment. They distort everything. Most recently CM of UP Yogi said, elections will be on 80:20 and 80% will vote for BJP in UP on basis of positive work done and people who want progress, good law and order and 20% will vote against BJP who are with negative forces like goonda raj, mafia and negative energy. How conveniently the opposition turned it in to a lie that he means 80% Hindus and 20% Muslims! What gross white lies?

Imagine respectable people like Actor Amir Khan saying he is not safe a few years back but he is still hale and hearty. On the other fronts, it is more annoying and embarrassing. You have Mani Shankar Iyer caught on camera in Pakistan pleading with them to topple the government and remove Mr Modi. One would have never witnessed anything like this in our 75 years of History.

Then you have award wapsi brigade who was totally nondescript and in total oblivion till they came to return their awards and no one bothered as no one knew who they were. Students were incited and JNU and others made a lot of noise for nothing and nothing much came out of it except such fine institutions got a bad name on the rebound. Mr Sidhu hugging the Pakistani Army chief was quite a tamasha- even a class 5 boy would not approve of it. Hasn’t gone well for him at all. People can do little but they are watching.

Latest in the list of fiascos is Mr Hamid Ansari former Vice president of India attending a virtual conference being a Panelist at a conference organised by the Indian American Muslim Council on January 26 2022. Some US senators and failed actors join the fray as if to add some featherweight to the event.

Today, Geopolitics is in a churn, the world is in transition and the balance of power is shifting fast and moving like molten lava. Unfortunately, America is no more seen as the land of the resurrection where opinions are tom-tommed matter. To be fair to the US, the entire West. Look they could do nothing in Afghanistan and little is being done by NATO, US and EU to come to the rescue of Ukraine which is standing up almost alone to Russia and there is only lip service given to tiny Lithuania and Taiwan who are looking straight in the eye of mighty China. 

India is, too big, too powerful and too important today and a jab by a few like Hamid Sahab will be no more than a mosquito bite to cause may be a small bump on the skin that disappears in a short time without any external intervention or medication. Yes, the loss will be entirely of the mosquito who was given the second-highest constitutional office and who lived up to the reputation of the mosquito breed that lives off the blood of others.

Still living like a Maharaja in the country and as someone remarked in a TV discussion just yesterday –‘ Jiss Thaali main Khatey ho ussi main ChChed karte ho’ was not too much off the mark. He stands to gain nothing- nothing at all. Yes for others who may have been sponsored this may be a good free ride and a bit of bad publicity which they clamour for – They love getting trolled not for professional competence which they lack but for such activities.

Americans are themselves scared after 9/11 and they talk of intolerance in India. First, put your own house in order and then initiate such actions.

The opponents in India are in quicksand. In such a mess if you move or flutter too much you sink further down. Shouting helps no one as no one is listening. The worst is if you put your foot in the mouth when you are sinking in a scary black hole! Professionals have some tips to get out of Quicksand. You need to do the following four things for sure. If you want to survive.

  1. Take deep breaths.
  2. Don’t panic.
  3. Move slowly and deliberately. 
  4. Use Your Resources wisely, assess your surroundings, and utilize any trees with reachable branches. Only grab them after you have achieved a safe position.

The more you panic and more noise you make you will sink down faster. 

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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