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Yasin Malik: How the man who terrorised Kashmiri Hindus was given platform by India Today, Ravish Kumar and patronised by Congress, Abdullahs

Despite his terror links and his involvement in the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits in the valley, the erstwhile governments and the left-liberal media establishment have often tried to portray Yasin Malik as a peace icon and messiah of the Kashmiris.

As the movie – ‘The Kashmir Files’ becomes the talk of the town across the country for delivering a gripping story of the genocide committed by the Islamists against the Hindus in Kashmir, there has been a greater interest among the public to know about the perpetrators responsible for unleashing terror on the innocent Kashmir Pandits.

One such Islamic terrorist who was responsible for the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits is none other than dreaded Pakistani sympathiser Yasin Malik.

Yasin Malik, a pro-Pakistan separatist leader and the former president of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, is accused of funding terror in Kashmir. He has been arrested in a case related to funding and perpetrating terror on Indian soil. Besides, he is also allegedly responsible for kidnapping former Chief Minister and later Home Minister Mufti Sayeed’s daughter Rubaiya Saeed.

Yasin Malik is also accused of the murder of four Air Force officers in January 1990. Sqn Ldr Ravi Khanna was one of the four Indian Air Force personnel was killed by Yasin Mallik and other JKLF terrorists, who were waiting at Sant Nagar Crossing to board their buses. In the incident that took place on January 25, 1990, 40 personnel, including a female official, were injured at that shootout led by Malik himself.

Malik has also been one of the primary figures who led the Kashmiri Hindu genocide in the 1990s.

Despite his terror links and his involvement in the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits in the valley, the erstwhile governments and the left-liberal media establishment have often tried to portray Yasin Malik as a peace icon and messiah of the Kashmiris. The ‘secular-liberal’ intelligentsia has time and again attempted to whitewash the crimes committed by Yasin Malik by treating him with kid-gloves and often considering him to be a legitimate stakeholder in the Kashmir peace process.

The media and the Congress ecosystem have gone even to the extent of terming him to be the country’s next ‘youth icon’. A terrorist responsible for the killing of several thousand Kashmiri Pandit was dressed up by the media as some sort of a ‘hero’.

In 2008, the India Today group had not only invited terrorist Yasin Malik to its conclave but also sold him to the public as a “Youth Icon”. The India Today group gave a platform to a terrorist to further his anti-India propaganda. In his 12-minute speech, Yasin Malik was seen pushing the separatist agenda live on television.

The shocking part was not a single ‘esteemed’ guest sharing the dais with Yasin Malik or India Today ‘journalist’ bothered to stop Yasin Malik from peddling his anti-India propaganda on national television.

Well, the celebrity status of Yasin Malik does not end here.

In 2006, the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had invited Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman Yasin Malik to a meeting in his official residence in New Delhi. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had also held crucial talks with terrorists on the part of his crucial outreach programme with the Jammu and Kashmir political leaders, separatists and other groups.

Terrorist.Yasin Malik with the then Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh in New Delhi on February 17, 2006/ Image Source: India Today

The images of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh happily merrymaking with terrorist Yasin Malik has become one of the most dismaying images of the recent past. The particular image of Yasin Malik with an elected Indian Prime Minister haunts almost every Indian.

It is not just the Indian left-liberal media that has been enabling the likes of Yasin Malik to carry out their anti-India propaganda openly without any fear of consequences. The foreign press, which has been interfering in India’s domestic affairs for decades, is also guilty of making Yasin Malik a ‘hero’.

The British media outlet BBC had, in fact, organised a one-on-one interview with the pro-Pakistan terrorist in the past. In one such interview with the BBC, the JKLF terrorist Yasin Malik confessed to killing Kashmiri Hindu Justice Neelkanth Ganjoo. In the interview, Malik brazenly admits that JKLF killed Justice Ganjoo and goes on to ask, “What was the crime of Maqbool Bhat? It was a politically motivated judgement against the great political leader of Kashmir”.

Justice Ganjoo had delivered a death sentence to terrorist Maqbool Bhat, the founder of Azad Kashmir Plebiscite Front, a forerunner to the present day Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF). Bhat carried out terror activities in Jammu and Kashmir and was involved in killing government officials.

In the same interview, Yasin Malik laughed away and admitted to killing four unarmed Indian Air Force men in Kashmir.

Pro-Congress outlet – NDTV, which often sympathises with the Islamist causes, almost prostrated in front of Yasin Malik. Controversial NDTV India anchor Ravish Kumar had once referred to the terrorist as ‘Yasin Sahab’, a term of respect. Ravish Kumar had dialled terrorist Yasin Malik, who at the time was on a visit to Pakistan to meet and greet Lashkar-e-Taiba chief Hafeez Saeed. During the show, the BJP had raised its objection against inviting terrorists like Yasin Malik.

However, Ravish Kumar defended his choice of inviting Yasin Malik to his show.

As recently as in 2019, several Jammu and Kashmir mainstream politicians had jumped into the support of the terrorist after NIA arrested him on the charges of receiving funds through various illegal means, including hawala transactions and funding separatist and terrorist activities in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Soon after his arrest, the National Conference president Farooq Abdullah had demanded the immediate release of the Pakistan sympathiser. He had saluted Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Yasin Malik for “choosing death over bowing before New Delhi”. Abdullah had also congratulated Malik for his strong willpower and praised his unwillingness to sell the self-respect of Kashmiris.

Joining the chorus, PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti and Abdullah’s son Omar Abdullah also demanded the Centre to release terrorist Yasin Malik from the NIA custody immediately.

Well, it is not just whitewashing the crimes of Yasin Malik. The Indian media had also tried to humanise the Pakistan sponsored terrorist by showing the ‘bright’ side of Yasin Malik. The ‘liberal-secular’ media had hailed Yasin Malik for being a great husband to his Pakistani wife, Mushaal Malik. The love story of Yasin and Mushaal was all over the Indian press, and some media even invited Mushaal to interviews to portray how romantic her husband Yasin Malik was.

Seema Mustafa, controversial far-left ‘journalist’ who is also the current chief of Editors’ Guild of India, gave a platform to Mushaal to narrate how her love story with Yasin Malik was ‘crazy’. The anchor and Mushaal then discuss how loving Yasin Malik was as the latter shares how challenging for her to stay in India.

The 11-minute interview seemed more like a well-scripted show to ‘humanise’ terrorist Yasin Malik rather than introducing his wife to the Indians.

Why would someone want to interview the Pakistani wife of a terrorist, whose only objective is to kill innocent Hindus living in the valley so that Kashmir could be liberated?

It is pertinent to note that Mushaal Hussein Malik, the Pakistani wife of Kashmiri separatist and terrorist Yasin Malik, has been working vociferously to promote Pakistan’s agenda against India. She has been caught peddling Pakistan’s agenda several times by putting misinformation to defame the Indian administration at every level.

Rahul Pandita, a ‘secular’ Kashmiri Pandit, had even profiled Yasin Malik’s wife in a poetry-styled essay, where he explains how charming the lady is. In the same essay, Pandita tries to paint a rosy image of Yasin Malik, narrating how he came from a humble background.

“At a young age, he was one of the first five men who crossed the border in the mid-1980s and later started an armed insurgency in the valley. He has been arrested hundreds of times, and in the initial years of his incarceration, he was tortured badly. He suffered facial paralysis, deafness in his left ear and damage to one of his heart valves,” wrote Rahul Pandita showing how simple and human Yasin Malik was.

Essentially, Pandita wants us to believe that Yasin Malik was a victim who joined an armed insurgency in the latter part of his life. Pandita’s family has been a victim of the Islamic terrorism in the valley at the hands of Yasin Malik and his other terrorists buddies.

Here is another image of Yasin Malik happily greeting far-left anti-India propagandist Arundhati Roy. Roy and Malik, who shares a camaraderie, have been at the forefront of instigating Kashmiri youths to wage war against the Indian state.

Image Source: Taipei Times

The dreaded terrorist Yasin Malik, who has been the voice and face of the Pakistan terror establishment, is behind bars now. The JKLF chief is under probe for receiving funds from Pakistan’s external intelligence agency ISI to “foment trouble” in the valley. According to NIA, Malik has amassed properties worth more than Rs 15 crore.

The NIA suspects that Kashmiri terrorist groups are in touch with Pakistan terrorist organisations like Hizbul Mujahideen, Dukhtaran-e-Millat, and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and received funds to sponsor terror and stone-pelting in Jammu and Kashmir.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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