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Watch: Akbaruddin Owaisi’s Anti-Hindu hate speech for which he got acquitted

"We are 25 crore and you all are 100 crore, right? Fine. You are far ahead of us in numbers. Remove the police for 15 minutes and we will see who is more powerful." Akbaruddin Owaisi had said

A court in Hyderabad has ruled that when Akbaruddin Owaisi, the brother of AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, had said that he kill a crore Hindus in 15 minutes, it was not a hate speech, and acquitted him in two cases of hate speech filed against him. Owaisi had made the inflammatory and inciteful speech against Hindus in 2012. In his speech, he was seen taking many jibes at Hindu Gods and Goddesses while making an open challenge to Hindus for their survival if the police is to be removed for 15 minutes. He also claimed that he will see how Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister one day.

“Many of such Modis came and went. Today people are saying Narendra Modi has won Gujarat, and that he will become Prime Minister of the country one day, even we will see how that happens. And people are scaring Muslims saying Modi is here. Modi who? Where did he come from? Dare to come to Hyderabad for one time and we will show you,” he said in his address.

“Taslima Nasreen came and now no one knows where she is. Dear Hindustan, we are 25 crore and you all are 100 crore, right? Fine. You are far ahead of us in numbers. Remove the police for 15 minutes and we will see who is more powerful.” Owaisi junior’s remarks were received amidst thunderous applause and cheering from the audience which was gathered in large numbers. “Remove the Police for 15 minutes! Be it a thousand, a lakh or even one crore impotent(Hindus), even if they try collectively, they will not be able to give birth to a single one.”

“These people are not able to see us face to face. When the Muslim becomes weak, only then these impotent (Hindus) arrive,” Owaisi remarked in his hateful incitement against Hindus.

In the same speech, Owaisi insinuated against Rama and his mother Devi Kausalya while making an argument against the Ram Janmabhoomi case. “There are three temples in Ayodhya that claim that Ram was born there. And in Haryana’s Kausalyapuram people claim the same citing the Indian practice of women giving birth to the first child in their maternal houses. In Kausalyapuram, people believe that Kausalya, the mother of Rama and wife of King Dashratha hailed from here, and thus Rama too was born here itself.

“While three pujaris claim three different birthplaces for Rama, then Advani, Vajpayee, Uma Bharati and Modi should tell us where did mother of Rama go to give birth to him?” Owaisi asked wittingly. The incited audience was seen cheering with unprecedented excitement after the Hinduphobic and misogynistic remark of Owaisi. The chants of “Akbaruddin Owaisi Zindabad” were given after the same. These people talk about incidents which happened 1lakh, 2 lakh or 15lakh years ago. Here we don’t know what happened 200-400 years back and these people talk about 18 lakh years!”

Owaisi in his snide remarks against Hindu Gods said, “They use to say that after every hundred kilometres, the language changes, the culture changes, the way of life and customs change, rituals also change however it is ridiculous that here images of Gods also transform!”

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